Rapper Wiz Khalifa revealed that his fiancée Amber Rose had a miscarriage the first time she got pregnant.

Khalifa told DJ QDeezy on Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9, “Her first pregnancy was like right before and it was unexpected. Right when we found out she was pregnant she lost the baby, and she got pregnant again like right around the time we found out she lost the baby.

"So that second time when she got pregnant, we didn't want to say anything about it until after her second trimester and everything.”

Rose and Khalifa publicly announced Rose’s pregnancy at the 2012 VMA Awards, when Khalifa told MTV's Sway Calloway on the red carpet: "We're expecting a beautiful lil baby -- me and Amber. We're so excited. We're having a baby!"

In September, the couple gave their first interview since announcing Rose’s pregnancy at the 2012 VMA Awards, and it was with XXL magazine.

Rose told XXL about the birth: “I’m so ready. I’m going all-natural. I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine. I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomach ache or anything, I’ll say, ‘I popped out a baby all-natural.’”

Khalifa also told Hot 107.9 that he is thrilled to become a father.

“I can't wait, every time we go to the doctor, he tells us how healthy the baby is, how perfect her pregnancy has been, and it has just inspired me to be the best dad. I have this little ball of joy coming into the world, I gotta show him right.”

Earlier this month, Khalifa, discussed his wedding plans with Rose when he stopped by radio station Hot 97.1 in New York and spoke with host Angie Martinez.

“We’re gonna get [a marriage license] in a couple of weeks. We’ll have that done. I’ve said it, I don’t think people really understood what I was saying. They’re like, ‘Yeah okay, whatever,’ but I don’t think people really understood what I was saying.

"[We will have it done] before or after I get off tour. You just sign the paper or whatever and it’s like a legal thing, like ‘Bam!’, you’re married,” Khalifa said.

As for a wedding ceremony, he said, “When you have the ceremony, that’s when you can invite the family, and she can fit into a dress [...].

"If we have a daughter one day, she might want to give the dress to our daughter, but if she’s pregnant then she can’t do that.”