Job interviews can often be tricky to navigate, and while some will swear they've had the worst experience when faced with a question they didn't have a response to, very few will compare to the experience one woman had when interviewing for the flight attendant's position at SkyWest Airlines.

Chaylene Martinez from the U.K. went viral on TikTok after she posted a video of herself miserably ruining her chances of being hired. The woman appeared to be mocking her potential employer in the video, over a question she called "the stupidest ever."

It was a one-take video interview organized by her employer where she was asked "What is your impression of SkyWest company culture and how does that resonate with you?" What Martinez did not realize at the time was that the entire interview was being recorded. And so, when she called it the "stupidest, cheesiest question I've ever read in my life," before coming up with a sensible response, the potential employer could see how she really felt about the question.

Martinez, who appeared to be talking to someone on the phone, went on to pour scorn on the employer. "You have to record yourself saying it, so, it's so awkward," she is heard saying in the video. After pausing for a moment to apply lipgloss, she continued to talk on the phone.

At one point in the video, Martinez realizes that she was being recorded the entire time and gasped in disbelief. "Oh no," she said, before looking into the camera and saying, "I'm so sorry, I did not realise it was recording, I was practising."

Martinez said she intended to respond by saying that her true impression of SkyWest company culture was based on the mission statement of the company, according to Catch News. But it was her unintended response that went viral instead.

In the caption of the footage, Martinez explained that she wasn't too well versed with the online culture that the pandemic had given rise to. "Doing a video interview that you only get once chance to get right...accidentally started recording [too] early."

"Now, the whole world knows her true face lol. Nobody would hire her now," a user said in the comment section.

Being relaxed an in-control should tell the interviewer that you're confident of your skills. Pixabay (CC0)