A long plastic tube got stuck in a Chinese woman’s oesophagus after she accidentally swallowed it while trying to make herself vomit in order to lose weight.

According to local reports, the unidentified 22-year-old woman went to the hospital last week and told the doctor that she had accidentally swallowed a “drinking straw.” Upon realizing that the “straw” was too deep to reach, the doctor performed an x-ray of the oesophagus and was shocked to discover an object that was over 11 inches long. The x-ray revealed that while one end of the object was inside the stomach, the other was near the voice box.

Upon questioning, the woman admitted that she had swallowed a tube while trying to make herself vomit. The woman told the doctor that she purchased it online and was using it regularly in order to lose weight.

The doctor removed the tube from the woman’s body. He then performed tests which revealed that the woman had ulcers in her stomach wall and oesophagus.

Speaking to local media, the unidentified doctor said this was the first case where a person had accidentally swallowed a “vomiting tube.” He added that this technique used for weight loss could cause gastroesophageal and pharyngeal mucosal damage. He also warned those using this technique could also experience neurological problems in the long run.

In this photo, surgeons at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham conduct an operation, Birmingham, England, June 14, 2006. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images