The New York Police Department charged a 21-year-old woman for grand larceny last week after allegedly faking her own kidnapping to get $75,000 from her parents in China, according to reports in the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office has yet to decide whether or not to charge her after the incident.

Yehou He, who lives in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, allegedly sent pictures to her parents showing her tied up and naked to make them think she was kidnapped.

She asked for a $75,000 ransom but they sent $20,000. Her parents later contacted her older sister, Yechu, who then told the NYPD that it was a hoax.

Yehou He reportedly lives in a $780,000 studio apartment that her older sister purchased in 2016.

A source told the New York Daily News, "the picture was far from convincing and looked like the 'victim' had tied herself up."

Model kidnapped
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