Taco Bell
Workers board up a Taco Bell restaurant along W. Florissant in Ferguson, Missouri, Nov. 24, 2014. Reuters

A white woman was recorded calling an employee of Taco Bell — chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California, — racist for not letting her order French fries. The incident took place at the restaurant in Oakland, Florida.

One of the people, Tyler John, eating at the outlet posted the video of the entire incident on her Facebook page and it has been viewed 2.2 million times.

In the video, a possibly drunk white woman is seen looking at the menu while trying to order a medium-size French fries at the counter. The employee, who is a black woman, tells the woman that they do not have French fries listening to which the white woman snaps back: "You’re Burger King, you don’t sell French fries?"

The Taco Bell employee tells the woman that they are not Burger King and that they are Taco Bell and says: "Welcome to Taco Bell." The employee says they do not have hamburgers or French fries. However, the white woman keeps repeating that she wants to have french fries.

After several attempts, when the employee is able to make the white woman understand that the fast-food chain does not sell French fries, the white woman asks the employee to read the menu to her but that does not happen.

The white woman becomes distraught, turns back, and tells the other people present: "This is racism at its f------ finest," before almost becoming teary-eyed.

At this point, another customer steps in and is heard telling the woman that it's not racist and that Taco Bell sells tacos and burritos.

Another says: "You're ignorant as f---" to the girl. She responds with: "No I'm not, literally I work with people who are a challenge every day."

The white woman leaves saying: "I don’t like what happened here."

Although this incident was not motivated by racism-related elements, there are instances where restaurants have been charged with racist behavior toward customers. For example, in September, a customer, Palmer L. Pellham, shamed a waitress and manager at the Federal Way Denny’s online after he claimed that they engaged in a racist behavior.

Pellham said he watched the waitress and manager target a group of young African-American men by asking only them to pay for their food in advance. He narrated the incident in a Facebook post, according to KIRO7, a CBS-affiliate.

Pellham said the group also had to wait for about 10 minutes before they were given seats and this happened despite the restaurant being empty.

"The server comes out … and walks over to the young men’s table with their order slips," Pellham wrote in the Facebook post. "She then asks for them to pay before the cook will prepare their food."

In August, a New York City restaurant was criticized for issuing a racist receipt to one Asian customer. A Facebook user Ziggy Chau had posted the photo of the receipt given to his friend's mother. Under the customer name, the server had typed in "Ching Chong," a report said.