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California's highest court orders a review of the murder conviction of Scott Peterson, accused of killing his wife and unborn child, on allegations of juror misconduct. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A mother “sexually abused” her baby by performing sex acts on herself in the presence of the boy, sometimes even while holding him, a family court judge in the United Kingdom ruled Friday following a hearing.

The incident came to light after social workers raised concerns about the way the child was being taken care at his home. The child’s mother and father were then shifted to a specialist assessment center where the woman was caught on camera performing the acts. Neither the names of the parents nor the name of the child was revealed. The age of the baby was also not known.

Judge Thomas Greensmith said, during interrogation, the woman said she knew the CCTV was operating and also “admitted that she performed the sex act in the presence of the baby on numerous occasions and on some occasions whilst he was in her arms during her stay at the assessment center.”

The baby’s father was also present in the room on one occasion; however, he claimed he did not know what the woman was doing as he was distracted by a computer game.

“The mother’s exposure of the baby to her sexual act... is in my judgment an instance where the mother failed to take proper measures to prevent him being exposed to sexual activity,” the judge said, adding that the behavior fits the definition of sexual abuse used by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

“Applying the NSPCC definition of sexual abuse, I find that the mother has sexually abused her child. This demonstrates, in my judgment, that the mother does not have an appropriate understanding of the effects exposure to sexual activity will have on a young child. I am satisfied that this was an act of sexual abuse on the part of the mother,” he said.

During the court hearing, the social workers said the couple’s relationship was “characterized by conflicts” which was at times “physical.” The couple also raised voices and abused each other in the presence of the child.

Following this, the judge concluded the baby should be placed for adoption.

Judge gavel
The eviction happened just 20 days after the Jerusalem District Court dismissed the Siyam family’s appeal to remain in their house. The court ruled that the Elad Association legally owns majority of the building. Pictured is a judge's gavel rests on top of a desk in the courtroom. Joe Raedle/Getty Images