A 52-year-old Chinese-Singaporean woman who pretended to be the incarnation of an Indian goddess is now facing 50 charges for torturing her "devotees."

Woo May Hoe, who has been held in remand for the past two years, was slapped with 40 additional charges in court last week, Today Online reported Monday.

A total of 50 charges are now stacked up against Woo, and the number of purported victims that have suffered from her actions has increased from eight to 14 following the new allegations.

Some of the charges against Woo include cheating, causing hurt by means of a harmful substance, and causing grievous hurt among others.

Woo allegedly duped her devotees of millions of dollars in addition to forcing five of them to swallow human feces as a form of "punishment," and making at least one of them pull out their teeth.

Court documents stated that Woo abused her devotees for eight years, from 2012 to May 2020.

One of her victims, now 43 years old, fractured her ankles after Woo forced her to jump from the second floor of a building, Insider reported.

Woo is also accused of forcibly extracting the same woman's tooth with pliers and stabbing her forearm with a pair of scissors. She was physically tortured in different ways which left her with other injuries as well. Woo also ordered another one of her devotees to pull out the woman's teeth and use a mop to hit her on the backside.

The accused cheated millions of dollars out of several victims by citing different reasons. The so-called devotees willingly made donations ranging from $2,100 to $69,600 after being told it would improve their medical conditions and save their parents from suffering ill health. Some were also fed lies like the money would be used to buy cows as a "form of donation" to pardon their sins.

One particular woman donated more than $347,000 after the hoax incentives were promised to her, according to the South China Morning Post.

When Woo told her that she needed to build a temple in an Indian village, the same woman reportedly made another donation of around $1.74 million.

Woo was remanded to police custody and is scheduled to make her next court appearance on Nov. 17.

Representational image: police car
Representational image (Source: Pixabay / tevenet)