A woman from upstate New York connected with her biological mother for the first time ever after launching a now-viral Facebook search.

Bethany Conrad took to Facebook Jan. 25 to announce her plan to track down the whereabouts of her birth mom. The 29-year-old's search efforts, however, appeared to have come to a halt after a woman named Shelly Jimenez Domingo-crowe responded to the post.

"This is my daughter please contact me," Domingo-crowe wrote Monday.

Conrad's post, which garnered more than 590 likes, asked for the public's assistance in identifying the current location of her long-lost mother. 

"I am looking for my birth mother," Conrad's Facebook post began. "She was 13-14 years old when she gave birth to me. She was in foster care at the time. I was given up for adoption. Placed in Catholic Charities of  Syracuse, New York."

"I had a closed adoption, and am currently on the N.Y.S. adoption registry in all hopes to find her," Conrad added.  

Conrad, who is from Oswego, New York, has lived all over central New York. She is also very close with her adoptive mother. However, Conrad reportedly believed it would be a good time to connect with her birth mom before she officially moved out-of-state, Syracuse.com reported. 

After the post was shared more than 31,000 times on Facebook, Conrad confirmed that she had found her mother. She even claimed to have known Domingo-crowe was her mother shortly after speaking with her, according to CNY Central. The pair intends to meet in person soon. 

"I have no doubt in my mind," Conrad told CNY Central. "I spoke with her today, and can not wait to meet her. She named me when she had me. She knew that name."

"I have siblings and can not wait to meet them. I am so thankful and grateful," Conrad added. 

Conrad was surprised by the attention her post had received online, however.

"By like 8:30 the next morning, I looked and there was almost 1,000 shares," Conrad told WTVH. "I was like I don't even know a thousand people, that's crazy."

Conrad isn't the only person that's used social media to track down the whereabouts of their biological mother. An Iowa woman shared a photo similar to Conrad's on Twitter in 2014 that sought the public's help in locating her mom. While the tweet garnered more than 55,000 retweets, it also grabbed the attention of her birth mother.

Facebook woman Bethany Conrad, pictured January 25, 2018, shared a photo on Facebook that requested the publics assistance in finding her bilogical mother.