A young woman fainted Thursday onto the subway tracks of a station in Brooklyn, New York, as the train approached, officials and witnesses confirmed. 

Rikke Bukh, 22, walked away with minor injuries after a Manhattan-bound L train at the Bedford Avenue station in Williamsburg barely missed hitting her, the New York Post reported. Bukh managed to get stuck between the train tracks and wall, however.

MTA workers rushed to the scene to provide assistance. 

"She didn't seem aware that she was going to fall. She just sort of walked and went straight down," Steve Coyle, a witness at the scene, told WNBC. "People screamed and ran. I think we all assumed that she died at that moment."

"After they got her out, the train pulled out, there was no blood on the tracks, there was nothing — it didn't look like anything really happened at all. So I'm guessing she fell and got lucky enough to fall right between the tracks," Coyle added.

Bukh, a Denmark-born law student, was reportedly underneath the train for roughly 20 minutes before firefighters were able to free her. She was pulled to safety by firefighters through an opening between the train and the station's platform. 

The reasoning for her fainting spell has not been confirmed at this time, according to the New York Post. Bukh, however, was transported to a nearby hospital.

"Praying to whatever god is out there for the girl next to me who just fell onto the L train track," Twitter user @rhettrowan, a witness, said of the incident. "I am completely traumatized my limbs are numb wtf do I do I feel powerless."

Bukh isn't the first person to survive falling onto a subway's train tracks. A Peruvian man visiting New York was rescued by fellow commuters December 2017 when he fainted onto the railway. Anija Lender, 18, was also rescued after fainting onto a subway track in Boston May 2017 as an oncoming train was one minute away from the platform.