• The woman was waiting at a bus stop when the object hit her
  • She was knocked to the ground by the impact
  • The victim's brother said they were unsure whether she could return to work

A woman in Singapore was hospitalized with serious injuries Thursday after a wheel chock struck her in the head while she was waiting for a bus.

A wheel chock is a wedge-shaped object which is placed against the wheels of a car to stop the vehicle from moving.

The victim, Deng Jie Ting, 34, was at the bus stop in front of the UTOC Engineering Building near Jalan Boon Lay, when she was hit by the object, according to Shin Min Daily News. Deng was taken to the National University Hospital, where she was found to have internal bleeding in her brain, fractures on her spine, and injuries in her ears.

She regained consciousness the next day and remained in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for further observation.

Deng's concerned family appealed for any eyewitnesses on Facebook. Her male cousin Melissa Chow and brother Benjamin detailed the incident on the social media platform. Chow said the incident took place between 12:15 pm and 12:40 pm.

Chow said in the post that the stray wheel chock first struck Deng on the left side of her head, and she was knocked to the ground by the impact. Chow was found to have internal bleeding.

Speaking to, Chow said that the wheel chock had likely dropped from a passing vehicle before hitting Deng, who was seated at the bus stop. The victim's brother told the outlet that there is no CCTV camera located at the bus stop, which is located in a secluded industrial area. Chow said that her cousin’s colleagues had witnessed paramedics attending to her and notified their boss. It was unclear how the ambulance was called.

The family, however, is hopeful that someone might have witnessed the incident as it was lunchtime. "I'm sure there are people and traffic around that could have seen the incident," Chow told Mothership. Benjamin said it was heartbreaking to see Deng in such a state and is unsure if she can return to work and resume her normal life. The family has filed a police complaint.

Benjamin said the driver should be held accountable for their actions and hoped they will be arrested.

Wheel chock Pixabay