On Tuesday night’s episode of A&E’s “Hoarders,” a woman named Terry revealed that she has stored upwards of 100 dead cats in her refrigerator.

The worst part of the episode is when Terry’s son begins to talk about all of the cats that live or have lived in his mother’s home in Hanover, Ill.

“My mother had a kitten and there was so much ammonia in the air that its eyeballs popped out,” he said. “I’ve seen plenty of dead cats in there.”

Next Terry shows the “Hoarders” crew her refrigerator.

“When my first cat got killed I put him in here because I wanted to get him cremated,” she explained. “I probably have frozen and refrigerator 75, 100 cats, if not more.”

“She thought she was going to get money to have them all cremated, but that never happened,” her son told the cameras.

The show gets even more disturbing when Terry opens up the refrigerator to reveal scores of dead cats piled up inside.

“Now I know I should be disposing of them, but I love my cats and I didn’t want them to leave me, and I always say I’m sorry,” she says.

Terry runs over to a newly deceased kitten and pats it on the head, “And I am sorry. I’m nuts but I just—I didn’t want you to die,” she says, kissing it on the head. “I just feel so awful. I’m a failure and that’s how my whole life has been.”

When the TV crew is walking through the house one of members sees a cat run into a closet.

After looking in the closet, the team finds more dead cats. These were placed in plastic bags and left inside the closet at room temperature.

“She’s saving the dead bodies and a lot of people say ‘what’s that about?’ and it’s actually not that uncommon,” the therapist reveals. “She has an attachment disorder. It’s an inability to form normal attachments and or let go.”

The ultimate cat lady to end all cat ladies said, "I always thought the more the merrier," welcoming as many strays into her home as possible.

That mentality lead to Terry's house becoming inundated with "tons of fecal dust" and crawling with sick animals.

Only 18 out of the 49 living cats in Terry’s home were healthy enough to be saved when the “Hoarders” crew showed up.

Terry was not able to keep any of the cats, and if does try to take in more strays she will be arrested.