A subway rider confronted a fellow passenger after witnessing the woman assaulting and screaming racist insults at another person on a northbound D train near 9th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday. Police later arrested the woman.

Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, yelled profanities at a 24-year-old Asian woman and also attacked her with umbrella handle and keys resulting in the latter bleeding with cuts to her face. 

A video of the incident posted by Juan Ayala on Twitter shows Lushchinskaya making racial remarks at the victim and also at him. She then screams at the woman who was standing silently next to her and also hits her on the hand. Suddenly, she kicks the woman, following which other passengers intervene.

“They’re not letting me hit her back. F----- retarded,” she shouts. The victim then shouts back saying, “You come touch me I will punch you right back. I don’t care who the f--- you are.”

Lushchinskaya then repeatedly kicks the woman before she kicks back.

In another video, Lushchinskaya appears to be spitting on the door. Ayala then tries to confront the woman who refers to him as “Mohamed.”

“I’m Dominican. Did you just try to call me Muslim or some s---,” Ayala says.

Ayala then forcibly grabs Lushchinskaya and throws her to the ground trying to stop her from attacking.

Ayala posted a photo on Twitter in which he is seen holding Lushchinskaya on the subway platform with the caption, “Then she tried me so I had to detain her until the cops showed up.” In the last picture, she is seen being taken away by the police.

"Everybody was just looking at each other like, 'Are you sure you just heard that? Did you just hear that?'" Ayala told Eyewitness News.

Speaking about the incident, the victim, whose name was not revealed, said, "I'm lucky that she didn't have anything like weapons on her -- like knife, gun -- because it could have got a lot worse. I'm lucky that people were on the train who were helping me, especially the first Asian guy who stood in front of me right away because he wasn't recording. He just stood in front of me to help me, because I know other people were recording, but their recording didn't do anything until later on when it escalated."

Police said the altercation began after the suspect bumped into the victim.

Ayala said he was worried about the victim. "It's something that can almost be traumatizing, honestly. It's not a situation that anybody should be involved in, especially a little girl,” he said.

"Coming home, I couldn't breathe. Every time I have to get a train, I'm really careful where I'm watching,” said the victim.

Ayala and the victim suffered minor injuries and scratches. Lushchinskaya was arrested and charged with felony assault. She was, however, not charged for bias crimes.