• The woman accused the Navy sailor of wearing a fake uniform at a Connecticut pizzeria Saturday
  • The woman was caught on video cursing at him and slapping him in the face before leaving the restaurant
  • Police said they have a probable identity for the woman after getting tips from the public

A woman was caught on camera attacking a Navy sailor and accusing him of wearing a fake uniform at a Connecticut pizzeria on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Sailor Sean Nolte Jr. was ordering food at Central Pizza in the town of Berlin Saturday when the stranger slapped him in the face and cursed him out, the New York Post reported.

"This is disgusting. Disgusting! You f—ing piece of s–t!" the woman said as she picked up Nolte's hat from a counter and threw it at him, a video of the incident uploaded to TikTok showed.

The woman, upon being told she was being recorded, demanded that Nolte show his uniform to the camera and called him a "disgrace" to the country. "That's not a uniform, you piece of f—ing s–t," the woman said before leaving the establishment.


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The stranger had been staring at Nolte prior to the incident and sarcastically told him he had a "nice smile," Nolte said in a Facebook post detailing the encounter. "I reply, 'Thank you, have a nice day ma'am,' and continue about my day," he recalled.

The woman, however, allegedly returned seconds later and yelled at the pizzeria’s staff, "He is a fake, by the way, my husband is in the Army," according to the Navy man.

Nolte proceeded to show the woman his valid military ID, which the woman also claimed was fake. He said the woman showed him her dependent military ID and told him, "This is what your ID should look like."

"As I realized there was no persuading this woman that I am not a fake, I politely say, 'Tell your husband thank you for his service for me, and have a nice day,'" Nolte said.

The woman then screamed at Nolte, grabbed his uniform and threw his hat to the floor, the sailor claimed.

"In a last-ditch effort to leave, she rushes towards me and slaps me in the left side of my face. Being in uniform, I must maintain professionalism, so I stand there and proceed to wish her a nice day,'" Nolte said, adding, "Well, [it] looks like some of our own people can't recognize authenticity when they see it."

The Berlin, Connecticut Police Department said in a statement Wednesday that they have a probable identity for the woman after her picture was shared by the media, resulting in "several tips" being submitted to authorities.

"The investigation is ongoing, and when probable cause is developed, we will apply for an arrest warrant," Acting Chief of Police Chris Ciuci said.

Nolte is currently training at the Naval Submarine School in Groton and is also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a report by the Hartford Courant said.

"Sean’s a really good guy," Chief Nick Wachter of Rescue Fire Company 37, a volunteer fire and EMS department, told the outlet. "He joined us right out of high school and we’re lucky to have him."

Many praised Nolte for the way he handled the situation. "Well done keeping your composure. And thank you for your service to our nation," one person commented on Nolte's Facebook post.

"That woman’s behavior is atrocious. Her husband must be disgusted and ashamed. That should have never happened to you. You showed the utmost strength and unbelievable maturity responding in the way you did,” another commenter wrote.

des-moines-1390465_1920 Representation. U.S. Navy sailor Sean Nolte Jr. was attacked by a stranger and called a fake on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Photo: Pixabay