A Texas mother admitted to selling her 7-year-old son for $2,500 so she could use the money to pay off what she owed for drugs. Esmeralda Garza, 29, took a plea deal Friday that will put her behind bars for six years.

Garza was convicted of three counts of selling or purchasing a child, a third-degree felony. She also was convicted of money laundering and conspiracy to sell or purchase a child, which are state jail felonies. She was given six years for selling a child and two years for money laundering and conspiracy to sell or purchase a child. The sentences will run concurrently, USA Today reported.

"She was sentenced to the maximum, which is two years in state jail. It's very important to us that we send a very clear and unequivocal message: If you hurt children or have the audacity to sell a child, we're going to do all we can to hold you accountable and put you in prison where you belong," First Assistant District Attorney Matt Manning said, according to local media.

Texas Department of Public Safety special agents arrested Garza in July after carrying out a drug search warrant in Corpus Christi. They found the 7-year-old boy at a home while executing a search warrant. 

"Further investigation revealed two more female children, ages 2 and 3, who were in the process of being sold," a news release stated at the time.

According to the arrest affidavit: “Garza stated that she and her boyfriend owe drug money and gave her child to (the woman) who (paid) $500 cash and clear the (owed) debt and an extra $700 when the ‘custody paperwork’ was signed.” A woman told investigators she purchased the child from Garza.

"The most important part though is that she is absolutely going to prison and she's been held accountable for this most heinous offense," Manning said.

An unidentified man and woman were also arrested in connection with the case, however, it was unclear if they were charged with a crime.

It was earlier reported that Garza will be eligible for parole from the Texas Department of Corrections after a year and a half, but this will not be considered until she served the day for day state jail term of two years. However, it remains unclear for how long she will be in prison after taking the plea deal.

A Child Protective Services case is also pending in the incident.

woman in handcuffs 23-year-old Sabita Dookram was arrested for allegedly throwing her newborn baby outside a bathroom window. Photo: Getty Images/John Moore