A woman has filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios Orlando after she was allegedly electrocuted on the park Volcano Bay attraction. April Carlino filed the suit in November for the incident which she said occurred on June 2 of last year.

Carlino, who was a “business invitee” to the park that day, claims to have been electrocuted due to a malfunction in the park’s electrical system, which led to pain, scarring, and hospitalization. She further claims that the park was aware of the issue and did not take adequate action to address the situation, endanger her and other attendees as well.

The incident allegedly also led to hospitalizations of five lifeguards for electrical shocks. Several guests to the park that day also reported feeling “tingly” in the water. The park was later shut down for the rest of the day following these incidents.

She is seeking $15,000 in the suit, in addition to interest and legal costs.

Carlino’s sister, Sarah Carlino, of Boston, was visiting that park with the rest of her family and corroborated the stories of electrical issues at the park on June 2. Sarah Carlino claimed to have felt a “zap” while walking near the park’s lazy river.

Universal was investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) over the incident, however, it was ultimately not cited. A spokesman for the park, Tom Schroder, said that Universal Studios tested its electrical system in the days after Carlino’s incident and made several repairs and modifications.

“We believe this problem is resolved and that our park is safe,” Schroder said.

Universal has countered the claims made by Carlino in her lawsuit, claiming that she “was negligent in that she failed to use reasonable care for her own safety and such failure was the proximate cause of the subject incident.”

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