An honest post by an unidentified woman has ruined her friendship with a close friend because of body odor issues.

The woman and her co-worker, Chloe have been good friends since the past year with both of them hanging out on the weekends. Things got ugly after the former confessed that Chloe’s 15-year-old son Braden has a serious body odor problem.

“Lately I haven’t even wanted to go over to Chloe’s and I don’t want to invite her to my house in case she brings her son,” read her anonymous post on Reddit. “He stinks like rotting meat and BO [body odor] and he also has an awful metallic odor that makes me gag.”

Remembering an incident of visiting a store with Braden, the woman added, “I drove them there, and my upholstery stank for a good three days after.”

Following this, Chloe had invited her for dinner, which she immediately rejected. When asked for a reason, she told Chloe how her son smells like a** and she can’t be around him until he works on his cleanliness.

The mother got offended and demanded an apology.

“The things you said about him were really uncalled for and I don’t want you to talk about my kids in a bad way,” read the text Chloe had sent the woman. “I am a good mom. Don’t talk to me until you apologize.”

The post became viral instantly, with many users urging the woman to apologize to her friend. Many also suggested that the boy’s odor could be a sign of something serious and the woman should have handled the situation better by showing concern rather than disgust.

“Could also be a sign of something like depression, the fact that he has no friends plus the lack of hygiene sounds a lot like teen to me and I was struggling with really bad depression,” wrote a user.

However, there were also a few who defended the woman saying the mother is obviously aware of her son’s body odor issue.

“The kid is 15, clearly a teenager, sounds like he showers once a fortnight and never uses deodrant,” wrote a user. “The mom should know better.”

The woman, however, accepted she could’ve been kinder. “I did, unfortunately, phrase it that way. We both cuss a lot, but I definitely could’ve been gentler,” read her post.

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