• The woman traveled from Mexico to Peru to meet the suspect
  • Prior to the incident, she said she was in love with the man
  • Her body parts were found scattered across a beach in Peru

A Mexican woman who traveled all the way from her hometown to Peru to meet her online boyfriend met with a tragic end after he allegedly killed her for her organs.

51-year-old Blanca Arellano flew approximately 3,100 miles from Mexico City to Peru's Lima to meet her 37-year-old lover Juan Villafuerte with whom she had been in a virtual relationship for several months. Villafuerte was a resident of the beach town of Huacho, reported.

Blanca's niece Karla told investigators she last spoke to her aunt on Nov. 7. During the conversation with her niece, Blanca said her relationship with Villafuerte was going well and she was in love, authorities told the outlet.

However, after she didn't hear from Arellano for at least two weeks, her niece posted a plea on Twitter seeking help from people in finding out her whereabouts. "I never thought I would be in this situation, but today I'm asking for your support to spread this post and find one of the most loved and important people in my life. My aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutiérrez disappeared on Monday, November 07 in Peru. We fear for her life," Karla's post read.

Alongside the post, Karla said she suspected something was wrong after she contacted Villafuerte since he was the only person Blanca knew in Peru. She shared a screengrab of the conversation in which Villafuerte appeared to ask her if she could tell her aunt to call him. According to translation, Villafuerte said Blanca "got bored" and that he "couldn't give her the life she wanted," which is why she decided to move back to Mexico.

"I reached out to Juan P [Villafuerte] since he was the only one she knew in Peru and that's where our fear started," she wrote on Twitter. "Monday, November 07 was the day that for most of us who know her, she stopped having contact on social networks."

Parts of Blanca's decapitated body were found in several installments on a local beach in Huacho, Peru. Her severed finger was found on Nov. 10 with the tip removed while a silver ring was still on. A day later, her faceless head and arm were found.

On the third day, a torso without any organs inside was found on the same beach. Authorities confirmed that the body parts belonged to the missing woman Blanca, according to El Pais Mexico.

Police believed Blanca was killed for the purpose of harvesting her organs.

Villafuerte was arrested as the main suspect in the murder case and was also being investigated on charges of organ trafficking.

During the investigation, blood stains were found in several places across Villafuerte's apartment. Police also located some women's clothing, suitcases, and a Mexican flag at his residence, the newspaper reported.

Meanwhile, Villafuerte denied any involvement in the crime. He was currently held in prison as an investigation was underway.

After Karla voiced concerns about her missing aunt on Twitter, her post was inundated with comments of support from users. "We are with you Karlita, we trust that justice will be done," one person wrote. "Much light to you and your family," said another.

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