A mountain lion reportedly attacked and killed a pet dog in the backyard of a home as its owner tried to forcefully open its jaws to free her pet. The incident occurred Thursday at Simi Valley, California.

The pet owner suffered from a minor cut after she attempted to save Pumba, her six-year-old miniature schnauzer dog, from the mountain lion attack.

She had let Pumba out of the house when it immediately spotted the predator and charged right at it.

“The mountain lion bit the dog, and she jumped on top of the mountain lion and was trying to pry its jaws open to save her dog," said the pet owner's brother. “She said she was punching it and kneeing it in the head and trying to pry its jaws open, and it just wouldn't let go.”

The attack happened about 35 miles north-east of downtown Los Angeles adjacent to wildlands.

According to police commander Adam Darough, the responding officers arrived at the scene and witnessed the lion eating the dog before running into the hills.

“She obviously cared about her dog very much, as all dog owners do,” said police sergeant Keith Eisenhour.

The incident followed after another dog was injured by a mountain lion in the same area on Wednesday night. Police also received information about a mountain lion sighting in the area after which a search was launched. Police warned Simi Valley residents about it Thursday and asked them to keep their pets indoors.

mountain lion
A mountain lion makes its way through fresh snow in the foothills outside of Golden, Colorado April 3, 2014. Reuters/Rick Wilking