• "The Wombats" NFT experience was announced Jan. 25
  • It is a carbon-negative NFT that offers a plethora of privileges to users
  • "The Wombats" is set to hold a Metaverse concert exclusive to NFT holders

Following the release of its fifth studio album "Fix Yourself Not The World," Indie rock band "The Wombats," alongside the top web 3 agency Kolectiff, announced a carbon-negative NFT experience.

"The Wombats" will be releasing 3,000 Metaverse-ready carbon-negative NFTs starting Feb. 8. This NFT experience is unique because, aside from offsetting carbon emission used to mint the NFTs 20 times, it will give owners various perks.

The first part of the initiative is the blockchain-based game called "Rubik's Cube," which unlocks a plethora of "exclusive utility" unique to non-fungible token holders. "Rubik's Cube" is a simple trading game where players need to complete various sides of the cube to unlock "assets and experiences."

Wombats_Instagram 2 Brixton -Post
The Wombats NFT collection The Wombats NFT experience marketing material

For instance, completing one side grants players a collectible box containing a guitar. This guitar entitles players to get into a web 3 raffle system, where players could get festival passes and general admission tickets.

Completing the entire cube entitles players to take part in an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the band. Further, the team will pick 10 winners with one of them getting an exclusive animated Rubik's NFT.

Additionally, the NFTs are Metaverse-ready, with each user getting a representation in the decentralized gaming virtual world of "The Sandbox", in the form of a playable character that they could use as an avatar or an in-game character.

"We are looking forward to presenting this unique NFT experience to our fans that will end with a concert at Kollectiff's stadium in the Metaverse," said Dan Haggis, drummer of "The Wombats".

For their ultimate tour stop, "The Wombats" will have a show in the Metaverse Stadium Concert in Kollectiff's meta-stadium inspired by the Brixton Academy in the U.K. The Metaverse show is only available to token holders and the band has made sure that there's no sale of tickets outside the NFT experience.

"The Wombats" NFT experience was announced on Jan. 25 while the "Rubik's Cube" launch took place five days later.

The NFT sale is set to start on Feb. 7 and Kollectiff will be sending holders of the NFT carbon credits via AirDrop.

Interested users can purchase or mint the NFTs on "The Wombats" official website for 0.07 ETH starting Feb. 8. The band has made sure that the initiative is carbon-neutral and it uses carbon removal credits from the environmental blockchain platform, Moss, to offset the carbon emitted in the environment during minting.

"The Wombats" dipping into the Metaverse is almost like the band itself — always willing to try new things, experimental and brave.