• "Wonder Woman 1984" is going to be the first film on HBO Max to be streamed in the "highest quality" 
  • "Wonder Woman 1984" will be available in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • Some Twitter users are very pleased with the announcement 

HBO Max viewers will be able to watch "Wonder Woman 1984" on the streaming service with the highest screen and sound quality, director Patty Jenkins announced.

It has been confirmed that Gal Gadot's superhero movie is hitting theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day. Those who plan to watch the flick at home should not worry about the quality because HBO Max is making ways to offer the movie in the highest quality possible.

"Excited to announce that #WW84 will be the first film on HBO Max available in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision AND Dolby Atmos! Can’t wait. IN THEATERS on Dec. 25th and exclusively streaming in the US on @hbomax. PLEASE find the biggest and highest quality screen you can!!" Jenkins tweeted.

Many were very pleased with Jenkins' announcement. In fact, several were already very excited to watch "Wonder Woman 1984" safely at home.

"I can’t wait to see this movie safely at home on my TV Screen on HBO Max with the volume to the max! I love that we get to experience Wonder Woman 1984 in great & high quality & great sound either at the movie theaters or at home. This movie gonna be such a wonderful epic ride!" one commented.

"So excited to watch WW84 on HBO Max!!!!" another added.

"Awesome Patty! Will the HBO MAX version feature the IMAX aspect ratio shift for the 70mm IMAX scenes? That would be amazing! Looking forward to finally seeing the film!" Kevin McCarthy wrote.

Meanwhile, several fans were also sad and disappointed especially those in the U.K.and Europe because they do not have access to HBO Max.

"It’s really disappointing to see that all you’re interested in is safety of the US market. Very sad and disappointing for the UK and much of Europe. All you’re doing by not allowing the UK and Europe a streaming service for the movie is promoting piracy," one wrote.

"Can’t. Scottish cinemas are closed and we don’t get HBO Max. What have we to do??" another added.

"Can you start your international streaming services already? How hard can it be? Some extra servers & licences..." another opined in response to HBO Max's reply to Jenkins' tweet.

Meanwhile, Joe Russo, the director of the hit "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame" praised Jenkins for her decision to debut the sequel of "Wonder Woman" on HBO Max. Russo said that it was a bold and brave move for Jenkins to have digital and theatrical releases for Gadot's "Wonder Woman 1984."

Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman 1984"
15. "Wonder Woman 1984" (directed by Patty Jenkins) - The film faced a lot of delays due to the pandemic and in the end, the makers decided to release it on the big-screen and HBO Max simultaneously. The adventures of “Wonder Woman” continues in the movie that offers vibrant escapism to fans who are still waiting for things to get better during such challenging times. Jenkins and Gal Gadot weave magic with their vision and super performances. Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord and Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah are also terrific in their respective roles. There are many moments in the movie that would make everyone realize how important it is to have a good heart and compassion. Gadot will surely make you cry in some scenes. Yes, this movie is not as epic as the first one, but it is an amazing movie nonetheless, and one which leaves you with some “hope” for this world.   Wonder Woman/DC