It’s hard when two different studios have big movies released on dates close to each other. In order to give way to “Star Wars: Episode IX,” DCEU’s “Wonder Woman 2” was moved up to Nov. 1, 2019 instead of its original Dec. 13, 2019 release date.

Warner Bros. made the announcement on Monday, according to Entertainment Weekly. Patty Jenkins’ second standalone film will now debut six weeks earlier than originally planned.

This decision came after Disney and Lucasfilm moved “Star Wars: Episode IX” to Dec. 20, 2019.

Jenkins earlier said that she’ll return to direct the sequel not because she feels obligated to see the franchise through, but because she loves working with the entire cast.

“I’m not a big obligation person when it comes to art. You want to do a movie like this because you believe in it,” she revealed. “Then I had this revelation in the middle of the night: this is your dream cast, you’ve created a character that you love and you can say anything you want in the world right now.”

Jenkins added, “Then I realized that ‘Wonder Woman 2’ is its own great movie. I made ‘Wonder Woman.’ Now I want to make ‘Wonder Woman 2.’ It’s a beautiful story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.”

One thing’s for certain: the next movie will bring Diana Prince to America. “The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right,” Jenkins said. “She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time.”