Director Zack Snyder has been sharing photos from the upcoming “Justice League” flick, which hits theaters on Friday, but it’s his recent posting of the Amazon warrior costumes that have caused the most commotion.

On Sunday, Women and Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein shared a side-by-side comparison of Snyder’s costumes with the ones worn by the Amazon warriors in the Patty Jenkins-directed “Wonder Woman,” after the images were brought to her attention by a costume and cosplay site called Golden Lasso.

In the female-directed “Wonder Woman” photo, the warriors are wearing more armor and their stomachs are covered, while in the “Justice League” picture, the fighters are wearing leather and most of the women’s abs are on display.

“Here is a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze,” Silverstein wrote along with the photos. “Patty Jenkins’ Amazon warriors on the left. Zack Snyder’s on the right.”

In 16 hours, this tweet garnered 7300 likes, 3800 retweets and over 300 replies.

A few users replied to her to agree and to share their confusion - with one user writing, “Like, what warrior’s stomach is out like that?" - but many did the opposite.

Quite a few people took this as an opportunity to set the record straight and give Silverstein some more background on the costumes, which are only some of the ones used in the new movie.

“Research, Melissa,” tweeted Rob Keyes, an employee of entertainment news site Screen Rant. “Those are the costumes from 1000s of years ago. The modern costumes look nothing like this. Facts. Facts still matter. They’re super important! I was on set and saw the movie. If you want facts, I can help.”

It appears that the costumes shown in the photo Silverstein shared are the ones used only for flashback scenes in “Justice League,” which show the Amazons from 1,000s of years ago, while their costumes shown during present day of the film are the same style as those seen in “Wonder Woman.”

Keyes then continued his defense of the costumes, and said that they are “not sexualized” and that people should wait to “watch the movie” before commenting about them.

To make sure that viewers got all the facts, people began to share photos that Snyder had previously posted online of the more modest, present-day Amazon costumes.

“Here’s Zack Snyder’s Amazons in Justice League in present day,” one user wrote along with photos of other Amazon costumes from the film. “Do your research.”

“Justice League” opens in theaters on Friday.