All major TV broadcasters have passed on the opportunity to fund the DC Comic’s favourite lady, the Wonder Woman . The film, to be scripted by David E Kelley was considered too expensive and an old fashioned subject for now. reports that the various networks had myriad reasons for turning the project down. The Warner Bros. project was not fitting the Fox image, was costly for CW, could not find a consensus amongst the CBS members and ABC rejected it because of Marvel-Disney politic. according to the website.

NBC has already burnt its hands with the Bionic Woman to take a chance on another wonder woman, according to the website.

Wonder Woman had a successful run on TV in 1974-79 starring Lynda Carter. She has appeared as a part of animated series in Super Friends and Justice League. Although a number of attempts have been made to adapt the character to live-action film, none have yet emerged from 'development hell'.

A direct to video animation film adaptation of Wonder Woman was released by Warner Bros in 2009 on DVD and Blu-ray disc. It was produced by Bruce Trimm and starred Keri Russell. The DVD sold 102,890 copies in the first week, ranking number 5 on the DVD sales chart in America.

For years, various writers and producers, including Joss Whedon who even thought of casting Angelina Jolie , Sandra Bullock or Catherine Zeta Jones, have tried to bring back Wonder Woman, but the character has proved difficult to resurrect.