Rebecca Black, Rick Perry and the Nyan cat may have raked in millions of views on YouTube this year (OK, most of the views went to Black), but they were also three of the year's worst viral videos.

What about the girl singing a terrible rendition of Boom Boom Boom, or the Thom Yorke dance video parodies? 2011 was also the year someone recorded a man licking his shoes on the subway in New York.

Of course, YouTube, which received a whopping 1 trillion views this year, also had some of the year's best videos (which we covered yesterday). Thank you Ryan Gosling, Marcel the Shell and the slow loris holding a tiny umbrella.

Without further delay, here are the 10 worst viral videos of 2011 (in no particular order):

Rebecca Black, Friday

Black became an instant YouTube star thanks to Friday and the 179 million views the video has received since March. Given the viral effect of this production, it's no surprise that her video and/or song may creep into office or dinner talk from time to time. Want something more entertaining? Try the Friday parody videos.

Charlie Sheen, Winning Song

Speaking of parodies, this one of Sheen's outrageous Winning interview with Good Morning America earlier this year takes top honors.

Boom Boom Boom Gone Wrong

Have the Outhere Brothers seen this rendition of their hit?

Hermain Cain / Mark Block
Back when Team Cain was in full force, his Chief of Staff to be Mark Block released this video. And let the cameras roll for a bit too long.

Man Licking Shoes on New York Subway

A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do (for his shoe).

Rick Perry channels Brokeback Mountain

Rick Perry was just asking to be made fun of when he released this campaign video earlier this month. In his Brokeback Mountain best (just look at the jacket), Perry delivers a passionate message that more than 700,000 disagreed with (that's the number of dislikes the video has received on YouTube).

Nyan cat

55 million views on YouTube? Why?

Thom Yorke dancing to other songs

When Radiohead released the music video for Lotus Flower in February, it pretty much begged for creative and media savvy people to make Thom Yorke dance to other hits, like Single Ladies and Whip My Hair. Disturbing, time-consuming and slightly entertaining.

eHarmony Cat Lady

Oh, Debbie.

Norway Butter

Tommy speaks for his country and its butter shortage. Think twice before you make fun of the butter crisis in Norway.