Kanye West has everyone talking about his plan to run for president in the 2020 U.S. election. Now, ahead of the rapper potentially facing off against President Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Nov. 3., "Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban is revealing whether or not he would give West his vote.

Speaking to Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson for Heavy.com in an article published Friday, the Dallas Mavericks owner discussed a range of topics, including Black Lives Matter and Kobe Bryant's death, before eventually pivoting to West's presidential run.

The interview followed a July 5 tweet from Cuban in which he wrote he would select West ahead of Trump, should he appear on the ballot.

"You recently tweeted support for Kanye West running for President of the United States. Would you actually vote for him? Why would he make a good President?" asked Robinson.

"No. I wouldn’t vote for Kanye. Love his music. Will buy his music, his shoes and maybe even buy his gear at the Gap. But I wouldn’t vote for him," Cuban replied.

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The ABC host's lack of support for West's attempt to enter the White House follows Tesla CEO Elon Musk's similar backpedaling of support for the rapper's campaign. After Musk initially stated that he had his "full support" on July 5, the SpaceX founder did an about-face hours later and said it appeared as though the two had "more differences of opinion" than he had anticipated. 

Musk's reversal followed the release of a four-hour interview that the Yeezy designer gave to Forbes about a variety of issues surrounding the 2020 election, including the fact that he is pro-life, does not view former Vice President Biden as "special," and thinks Trump is "the closest president we've had in years to allowing God to still be part of the conversation."

Whether or not West even makes it onto the ballots leading up to this year's election remains to be seen as some have stated that a range of "major obstacles" could prevent him from appearing alongside Trump and Biden. If he does, in fact, move forward with his presidential campaign, he would likely have to have supporters write in his name, run as an independent, or secure backing from a smaller political party. 

Mark Cuban Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and J. Cole attend the JBL Three-Point Contest at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 17, 2018. Photo: Getty Images