Charlotte Flair Sasha Banks
Charlotte Flair, pictured wrestling Sasha Banks at the Olympic hall in Munich, southern Germany, on Nov. 3, 2016, will compete in the WWE women's Money in the Bank rematch. Getty Images

History was made at WWE Money in the Bank 2017 with the first-ever women’s ladder match for a MITB briefcase. A little more than a week later, WWE will have yet another first with a rematch for the women’s Money in the Bank contract.

Carmella won the original match, but she did so with help from someone that wasn’t in the match. In an unprecedented move, James Ellsworth climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase and tossed it to the “Princess of Staten Island,” who was lying down in the ring.

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Plenty of Money in the Bank matches have ended because of outside interference, as Carmella pointed out in her promo to start Tuesday’s episode of “SmackDown Live.” Kane prevented Dean Ambrose from winning the match in 2014, allowing Seth Rollins to climb the ladder and win his shot at the WWE Championship. A year later, it was Bray Wyatt who attacked Roman Reigns, giving Sheamus the opportunity to win the match.

Never before, however, had an outside participant actually grabbed the briefcase. That forced “SmackDown Live” commissioner Daniel Bryan to announce that the women would have a rematch in one week. Carmella, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Natalya and Tamina will all, once again, compete to earn a SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at the moment of their choosing.

Who will win the rematch? If the fans have any input, it won't be a repeat performance for Carmella.

Social media was buzzing Sunday night after Carmella's seemingly cheap victory with fans upset about the finish of the match. The historic women's ladder match ended with a man climbing the ladder.

Becky Lynch is arguably the best choice. She expressed her frustration with Bryan Tuesday, tired that other women are getting opportunities through unethical means. It might have been a foreshadowing of a heel turn, which could begin by Becky grabbing the briefcase through some unethical means of her own.

Charlotte is certainly a viable candidate, considering she’s held the Raw Women’s Championship four times already. Natalya makes sense as well, and she went into the Money in the Bank pay-per-view as the No.1 female heel on the blue brand.

Tamina is probably the only one that doesn’t have much of a chance. She hasn’t had a ton of singles matches on the main roster, and her return to TV since WrestleMania 33 has shown that she still has a lot of work to do on the mic.

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Carmella, on the other hand, is one of the best talkers in the women’s division. Her promo Tuesday night was extremely effective, giving her even more heat after stealing the briefcase two nights earlier. If WWE allows her to find a different way to cheat and win the ladder match for the second time in as many weeks, she’ll be one of the biggest female heels on either “SmackDown Live” or “Monday Night Raw.”

WWE’s decision could be a reaction from the fans’ negative response following Money in the Bank, but if it’s simply been their plan all along to get Carmella as much heat as possible, it’s working out better than they could’ve expected.

Prediction: Carmella