One of WWE’s biggest annual pay-per-view events, the Survivor Series, changed the pace of several storylines in the world’s largest wrestling company. CM Punk is still the WWE Champion, with his reign reaching one year today, but only with the help of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollin and Roman Reigns from NXT.

The triple threat match for the WWE Title last night saw the Second City Saint hold onto his belt yet again by pinning John Cena. The Cenation Leader was hit by Ryback’s Shell Shock just before the rookie powerhouse was jumped by the NXT trio. is teasing that fans will find out exactly why Ryback was attacked by the developmental stars. As fans wonder what the motives will be, the WWE website is questioning whether Punk and Heyman had to do with the attack, or if it was something bigger than even the WWE Champion’s yearlong reign.

It’s clear now that Cena and Punk will face off one-on-one at TLC next month. The December pay-per-view will have to feature the two men, after Punk pinned Cena, but only because the 10-time WWE Champion was laid out by Ryback.

After the controversial Night of Champions Match between the two of them, Cena had elbow surgery and was sidelined. That is what placed Ryback in the title picture, and now that he has a reason to go after the NXT, wrestlers Cena and Punk can settle their feud before The Rock returns for the WWE Title in January.

Dolph Ziggler appears to be getting his Money in the Bank push, with asking “What’s next for Ziggler?” The Showoff beat Randy Orton as the final man in a 10-man elimination match last night, and has been set up for big things over the next few months.

For the first time in a long while, WWE is plugging a women’s rivalry as a top story. A.J. Lee and Vickie Guerrero’s rivalry has turned from a cold feud into a physical one now that the standing authority figure on RAW has Tamina Snuka on her side to face A.J.

Right now the Divas Title picture is between Eve Torres and Kaitlyn, who had an impressive women’s match last night, but A.J. vs. Tamina could be even better. Both women are excellent performers and the former “RAW” general manager is better than most male performers on the mic.

There is also room for new rivalries to develop as 10 stars are open for feuds. The team of Kane and Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Rhodes Scholars, Ziggler, Orton, the freshly turned babyface Miz and others are all free for new programs.