World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on Monday announced it has suspended cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore indefinitely, as Phoenix police investigate sexual assault allegations.

"WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended," WWE said in a statement.

Police responded to a call from a hospital on Oct. 23 about an alleged sexual assault that took place Oct. 19 at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa, according to KNXV, an ABC affiliate in Phoenix.

Authorities have not yet filed charges as the case is still under investigation. 

The Phoenix Police Department did not immediately respond to International Business Times' request for comment.

The accusations against Enzo Amore became public Monday on Twitter. The alleged victim, identified as Philomena on her Twitter profile, posted a series of tweets with screenshots of messages about the alleged incident. 

According to Philomena's Twitter account, the accusations stemmed from October 2017, when a man named Tyler Grosso and an unidentified woman asked her to hang out with a friend at a Phoenix hotel. Philomena claimed in the tweets that the two suspects bribed her with drugs. 

"I was raped in mid-October by the WWE Enzo Amore (also known as Eric Arden) & Tyler Grosso & TOOPOOR let it happen as accomplices," she claimed. "When Enzo the WWE guy stared [sic] coming on to me, I was passed out on the couch."

"I was in a mental hospital for 45 days after it. They ARE NOT good people," she added.

Enzo Amore was reportedly banned from a WWE Raw locker room in July 2017 after he brought "questionable guests" into the restricted area during a Europe trip.

Enzo Amore signed with the WWE in August 2012.