Fans of "The X-Files" were left staring at their TV screens Monday night following Fox's conclusion of the six-episode miniseries. The finale, titled "My Struggle II," ended on a cliffhanger, with the fates of both Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) left hanging in the balance. The future of the world and "The X-Files" remains unknown at this time.

In an interview with International Business Times, show creator Chris Carter said he "can't imagine there won't be more" episodes of "The X-Files" in the future. Carter has also written a script for a third film if they choose to go down that road. Until then, fans will be left wondering what will happen next on the show. Here are six questions that need to be answered when "The X-Files" return:

1. Who Was In The ARV?

When the finale came to an end, an ARV (alien replica vehicle) was hovering above a bridge with a light beam shining down on Scully and Agent Miller (Robbie Amell). The answer as to who was in that ship will be very crucial to the series. If it was the government, that could only mean bad news for Scully, Miller, Mulder and the rest of the world. However, there's also a chance it could have actually been aliens, who may have returned to save humanity from being destroyed. Another possibility is that it's Mulder and Scully's long lost son William, who the two had visions of being an alien throughout the miniseries.

2. Will Mulder Survive?

Mulder was not looking so good at the end of the finale. Illness was slowly killing him and Scully said he needed stem cells from their son, in addition to the vaccine, to get better. Unfortunately, neither of them know where William is, which could be a big problem. Season 4 of "The X-Files" ended leaving fans thinking that Mulder could be dead, but sure enough, he ended up being alive. Could the series be pulling this trick again?

3. Will Earth Survive?

Not only was Mulder clinging to life, but millions of people around the world were getting gravely ill as their immune systems started to shut down thanks to the Spartan virus. Scully figured out a way to use her own DNA to make a vaccine, but will it be enough to save the world's population from near extinction? She'll need a lot of help to get the vaccine out and hopefully it won't be too late.

4. What Will The Cigarette Smoking Man And His People Be Up To?

The show's biggest villain returned to the miniseries after it appeared he was killed in the Season 9 finale when the cave he was in exploded. After being burnt badly, the Cigarette Smoking Man survived and took his seat at the table of the chosen ones. The ones who were chosen to survive the Spartan virus set everything in motion to start the world over and wipe out most of the population. Mulder and Miller didn't kill the Cigarette Smoking Man and the door was left open for him to return again in the future. What other evil plans could the villain and his people have up their sleeves?

5. Where's William?

William was an underlining story throughout the miniseries. Both Mulder and Scully are filled with regret and are longing for the son they chose to give away years ago to protect him. After wondering what became of their son, Scully now knows she has to find William because Mulder's life depends on it. However, where did William wind up? Could he be the one hovering above Scully in the ARV in the closing seconds of episode 6?

6. Are Agents Miller and Einstein Going To Return?

Scully and Mulder got a lot of help from Agents Miller and Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) in the final two episodes of the miniseries. Both Miller and Einstein were sick when the episode came to an end, but Scully was able to get Einstein on a vaccine IV and she also took one to Miller on the bridge. It appeared as though Einstein would survive and depending on what happens with the ARV, Miller should too. If both survive, will these two characters return to help Mulder and Scully? There is also the possibility that if something happens to Mulder and Scully, these two agents would step in to fill their shoes. 

What questions do you want answered when and if "The X-Files" returns? Sound off in the comments section below!