Fox is working on a television adaptation of the X-Men comic book series and film franchise. 20th Century Fox

Superhero television shows are all the rage these days. Since TV executives don't want the movies to have all the fun, there has been an outpouring of TV shows based on popular comic book characters, from “Gotham” to “Arrow” to “The Flash” to “Agents of Shield.” Now Fox has plans to add another to that list – “X-Men.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is only in preliminary conversations about adapting the comic book series and film franchise for a live-action television show. However, “24” veterans Evan Katz and Manny Coto are signed on to produce the prospective series and Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne, who wrote the coming “Star Trek 3,” are currently working on the pilot. There is no word on what actors would be brought in, or if anyone from the film franchise cast would make an appearance. While there have been animated "X-Men" series in the past, there has never been a live-action television show about the Stan Lee-created characters.

The series is not a done deal just yet. What exactly will it take for the series to get the green light from Fox? Comic giant Marvel, which owns the rights to the series, still has to sign off on the production. Marvel, which is owned by Disney, has “Agents of Shield” and “Agent Carter” currently running on the Disney-owned network ABC. Will the company license a competitor to go ahead with the series?

Hopefully, for fans’ sake, Marvel and Fox will be able to reach a deal so the popular comic book heroes can make their live-action, small screen debut. If greenlit, the show would likely premiere in 2016.

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