• The Microsoft Store on Xbox has been redesigned to provide a faster, easier, safer experience
  • The redesign sought to ease the experience of looking for the user's next favorite game, console, controller, movie, or app
  • Tweaks like highlighting content ratings and new search filters are some of the added features in the redesign

After years of development punctuated by user feedback, Xbox has rebuilt the Microsoft Store on the console from the ground up for everyone to enjoy.

Microsoft proudly shared the news of a faster, safer, easier experience in using the redesigned Microsoft Store to allow users a more convenient way to explore when looking for their next favorite game, console, controller, movie, or app.

“When we redesigned the store, we had three goals in mind,” says Dametra Johnson-Marletti, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Store. “We wanted to make it easier, safer, and faster for people to find great new games and experiences.”

The smoother experience is what Microsoft is particularly proud of as the site explains, “whether you are looking to sign up for Xbox Game Pass, searching for the next must-have game, finding the newest blockbuster for movie night or setting up filters to ensure your children are seeing appropriate content.”

On the speed aspect, this version of the Microsoft Store is more than twice the speed of the previous one. No more need to wait as you search for and acquire the content you need. Benefits from the increased speed include:

  • The new store now loads in under two seconds
  • As you browse, the store displays relevant info as you hover over items
  • You can see which games your friends are playing, helping guide your purchase
  • It’s easier to see which games are optimized for Xbox Series X

It’s easier to shop on the Microsoft Store thanks to brand=new features designed to improve navigation and usability, making it an inclusive and intuitive experience for consumers. These features include:

  • New primary and secondary navigation that lets you jump to specific store sections
  • One-click scrolling that automatically moves you to the next store channel or page
  • The option to filter and sort by pressing “X” on your controller
  • Quickly glance at your saved cart or wish list to check prices and sales

Recognizing the need to be confident that your family browses worry-free, at the forefront of the Microsoft Store redesign on Xbox was safety. With 15 million subscribers now on Xbox Game Pass, safety becomes even more of a priority. The new Store thus offers:

  • No more anonymous logins – ensuring not only your safety but also allowing for a personalized experience
  • Filtered content that blocks material above set restrictions
  • Full ratings information is shown high on the screen
  • Ask to buy feature that notifies you when purchases are about to be made

The new features and redesign of the Microsoft Store on Xbox ensure that your new home for games, movies, family fun, and more is a more enjoyable experience altogether. In light of Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda Game Studios, the Microsoft Store could soon find more content from the studio within its ranks.

A worker holds a bag during the grand opening of Microsoft's first retail store in Scottsdale
A worker holds a bag during the grand opening of Microsoft's first retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona October 22, 2009. REUTERS