Vernal Falls 2
Three hikers were swept over Vernal Falls in July. creative commons

Four days after suffering head injuries in a fall at Yosemite National Park, a teenager was taken off life support at a California hospital.

Kao Kue, 17, died at Doctor's Medical Center in Modesto on Wednesday night, a Stanislaus County coroner's clerk said.

After suffering head injuries at the park on Saturday, Kue was rushed in an air ambulance to the hospital.

Officials said he fell on the steep and rocky Mist Trail, one of Yosemite's most popular tracks. The trail runs along Vernal Falls, and signs warn hikers that mist from the fall can make the trail slippery.

Kue was on a family outing with nine relatives, including his brother Pao Kue.

Further information on the boy's death has been withheld due to his age.

It has been a deadly year for visitors to the popular California nature reserve. In total, fourteen visitors have died this year at Yosemite, including six drownings, one fatal car accident, two fatal falls, and five by natural causes, according to Park Ranger Jessica Chamberlain.

Chamberlain added in a statement that the park typically sees around five to six deaths a year. Last year, the park had a record 15 fatalities.

After a record winter snowfall, Yosemite received 199 percent of normal snowpack, which has led to higher water levels than normal. This is thought to be to blame for many of the drowning deaths.

In May, a Texas man drowned in the Merced River when he slipped from the Mist Trail.

Last month, a man and woman climbed over the railing and appeared to be taking pictures when they slipped on wet rocks off of the Mist Trail and tumbled into the fast moving waters of the Merced River above Vernal Falls. A third man then jumped into the waters attempting to rescue the couple and all three were swept over and killed.

Rangers temporarily closed the Mist Trail following the incident.