CNN is turning its attention to the social media-minded demographic with “Your 15 Second Morning.”

The new show of sorts will condense big topics from the day into 15-second clips that can viewed on Twitter. It’s part of a larger effort called CNN Digital Studios, which is focused on digital-only content.

1CNN isn’t the first one to come up with the idea of short, easily digestible news clips for social media. NowThisNews, NBC and CBS also share news-related clips on their official Instagram pages.

Chris Berend, CNN’s vice president for video content development, told Mediaite that “Your 15 Second Morning” will have voiceovers, so viewers don’t have have to pump up the volume to get the gist of stories.

The show is designed “specifically for Twitter users who are checking their phones first thing in the morning” and is part of an effort to “communicate directly and quickly with the people who are the next phase of audience growth,” Berend said.

CNN may be taking cues from truly “young and hip” news sources like Vice for their CNN Digital Studios project, which will feature content that appeals to a young audience and is compacted into segments that could be at least as short as eight minutes. That could appeal to digitally minded young professionals who spend more time on their devices than they do in front of the TV, according to eMarketer.

Outlets like Vice and TechCrunch have been creating content specifically for digital mediums for years. In fact, some outlets like them were born on the Internet. Now it’s time for the major media companies to catch up, because as Andrew Morse, a vice president at CNN US, told Mashable: "The way many television networks have approached digital video historically is to take live television, cut it up and put it online. What we've come to realize over time is that's not the kind of video that the online audience and mobile audience are demanding. We are reverse engineering the process."

"Your 15 Second Morning" is the first and only CNN show to partner directly with social networking platforms, specifically Twitter. Morse said CNN is looking out for other projects that could fit into the format.

The move comes as CNN posted huge cable rating figures following their almost incessant coverage of the MH370 disaster. CNN managed to move past MSNBC and into second place (behind FOX News, the longtime leader). Their performance on the Web was even more impressive. March was their biggest month ever with 3.6 billion page views and 266 million global video starts, according to Mediaite.