• Stomach cancer is affecting more people every day
  • Early detection of the symptoms can help treat the disease at the earliest
  • One of the symptoms is found in your stool color

Cancer Research UK reports that every year, about 6,700 Britons are diagnosed as suffering from the disease. Also known as gastric cancer, it begins anywhere within the stomach or the stomach wall. The good news is that due to early detection and treatment, the number of people suffering from this type of cancer has been falling over the last decade.

stomach cancer symptom stool color
stomach cancer symptom stool color derneuemann - Pixabay

Change In Color Of Stools

This type of cancer is relatively rare. It is still important, however, to identify the warning signs to improve the chances of successful treatment. Oftentimes, the kind of treatment will depend on the location of cancer, its size, and whether it has spread in other parts of your body.

One strong indication of stomach cancer is the color of your stools. According to Cancer Research UK, the change in stool color, which may include your stools turning darker or almost black, may indicate bleeding in the stomach. At this point, you may start seeing blood in the stools.

The National Health Service says that when there is a color change in your stools, this may indicate the cancer is already in an advanced stage. Seeing your stools turn dark may not always indicate stomach cancer as it may have been caused by other ailments or supplements you have been taking. For instance, if you have been regularly taking iron supplements, it is normal to see your stools turn black. The safest path for you to follow is to immediately seek the advice of your doctor to see what may have been causing your stool to turn dark.

Other Symptoms To Watch

Other early symptoms of stomach cancer include loss of appetite and weight loss. Unfortunately, these symptoms may also be similar to indications of many other health conditions. As a result, by the time stomach cancer is properly diagnosed, it may already be in an advanced stage.

Early warning signs of stomach cancer may also include persistent stomach pain, trapped wind, and frequent burping, as well as persistent indigestion and heartburn. The feeling of having a very full or bloated stomach after meals is also another early warning sign of the disease.

Risk Factors

Cancer Research UK reveals that the risk of acquiring this deadly disease depends on an array of factors that can include lifestyle and age. Observing an unhealthy diet may also increase the risk of developing stomach cancer.

The NHS recommends only up to 6g of salt per day for adults. This translates to about one teaspoon of salt. Those who are consuming over 90g of red and processed meat daily should cut it down to 70g or lesser.