• Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that the body needs
  • Being deficient in the vitamin could lead to a host of health problems
  • Experiencing one symptom in your hand signals that you're borderline B12 deficient

Body functions like cell metabolism, DNA production, nerve function, and red blood cell formation, may be disrupted when you lack vitamin B12. Such insufficiency can lead to a broad range of symptoms, which may develop in an unnoticeable manner but may worsen if left untreated.

An even borderline vitamin B12 deficiency, while not full-blown, should not be taken lightly. You need to address the condition before the symptoms worsen. One of the symptoms of borderline vitamin B12 deficiency may manifest in your hands.

Borderline B12 Deficiency

Thyroid Patient Advocacy or TPA said that borderline B12 deficiency might sometimes cause dramatic symptoms that patients may interpret such signs as being caused by other conditions. They may even reject borderline B12 deficiency as the cause of the symptoms. This is perhaps why, in many cases, B12 deficiency may go undiagnosed until the symptoms become more noticeable.

vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms in hands
vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms in hands Andreas-160578 - Pixabay

It is, therefore, very important to identify the warning signs that tell you of a borderline B12 deficiency. The longer you dismiss it, the greater the risk you will have in developing permanent complications.

An Ominous Sign

One B12 deficiency symptom may manifest in your hands. You may start feeling a sharp stabbing and tingling pain in the palm of one or both of your hands.

TPA reveals this suddenly occurs for no apparent reason and would often happen in an area directly below your ring finger. This is where you can find the first palm crease.

If you leave this untreated, the tingling pain may begin to spread and occur along the outside edge of your hand, beginning from your wrist. Oftentimes, you will feel this pain when you flex your wrist backward.

Other Borderline B12 Symptoms

Aside from the painful sensation in your palm, you may also experience shortness of breath sans chest pain, and your eyes may begin twitching. You may also start feeling pain on your face, oftentimes on only one side of the face. A tingling sensation along the back of one or both of your thighs may also be felt, and headaches similar to having a migraine may also occur.

These symptoms may easily be dismissed as being caused by vitamin B12 deficiency due to their similarities with symptoms of other health conditions such as asthma or migraine.

Other symptoms that can be associated directly with vitamin B12 deficiency are lack of energy, extreme tiredness, a sore and red tongue, and pins and needles, or paraesthesia. You may also start having a disturbing vision, mouth ulcers, and memory problems. Your muscles may also feel weak, and psychological problems like depression may start to set in.

If you are having all or some of these symptoms, then you should immediately seek the help of your doctor for proper treatment of borderline vitamin B12 deficiency. Have your symptoms checked sooner to avoid such symptoms from getting worse.