The first season of "You're The Worst" ended with Jimmy (Chris Greer) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), the two main characters who actually are the worst, moving in together. However, don't expect FXX's dark and nasty twist on the romantic comedy genre to suddenly become a domestic sitcom filled with arguments about who's going to do the laundry when it returns for its second season. 

"A lot of domestic sitcoms have dwelled in cohabitation," Stephen Falk, who created the show, said in a conference call Tuesday. "And I'm not particularly interested in retreading storylines other shows have done or could do in a much more expedient and humorous way than I can." 

Deciding to move in together was a big step forward for Gretchen and Jimmy, two commitment-phobes who are hell bent on delaying adulthood. At least at the beginning of the season, Falk and the writers will be exploring what this new step in their relationship means for them. 

"We got to delve in to see when you make Jimmy and Gretchen take a step forward toward each other --toward domesticity -- what does that do to them? How does it scare them and in what ways does their fear manifest into behavior?" Falk said. 

You're the Worst Edgar Lindsay Pictured Desmin Borges (left) as Edgar Quintero, Kether Donohue (right) as Lindsay Jillian. Photo: FX

Last season also ended with Jimmy's war veteran roommate Edgar (Desmond Borges) developing a crush on Gretchen's best friend and soon-to-be divorcée Lindsay (Kether Donahue). Although Falk wouldn't say much about where this relationship is going, he teased it would "go places," but that its end isn't written yet in this season.

"We’ll see her [Lindsay] become aware of Edgar’s crush on her that we saw during that song [in the finale], and she will decide how to behave with that," Falk added. 

Outside of whatever is happening between her and Edgar, Lindsay will also be dealing with her "lame, soft" husband, Paul -- whom she wasn't exactly crazy about -- deciding to leave her for a nicer woman. Being abandoned leaves Lindsay floundering to figure out who she is outside of the marriage and trying to find her place in the world. Living on her own will present Lindsay both at a rudimentary day-to-day level and an emotional one, Falk said. 

More Character Development

This season Falk is also trying to round out Edgar's character and develop him beyond just being a war veteran. A vet visited the writers' room and one of the things he said was that most veterans, while they are dealing with readjusting to returning, want to be thought of as more and wouldn't like to be labeled. In addition to receiving a love interest, Edgar will also find himself with a new hobby and Falk promised that the character has a lot more fun stuff coming his way. 

You're The Worst season 2 Pictured (left-right), Aya Cash as Gretchen, Chris Greer as Jimmy, Kether Donahue as Lindsay and Desmond Borges as Edgar. Photo: Autumn De Wilde/FXX

"You're The Worst's" 13-episode second season, like the first, will be divided into three acts. Director Alex Hardcastle returns this season to direct the first three episodes, which comprises the first act. There will be a two-part second act, and Falk will direct one episode in this section. And the final three episodes will close out the season. 

"They each have their own kind of theme and feel, and I think it makes for a more dynamic and cohesive season," Falk said of conceiving the show's seasons as acts. 

"You're The Worst" Season 2 premieres Wed., Sept. 9, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on FXX.