YouTube star Tyrone Fleming was found dead in his apartment Wednesday evening in New York. He was stabbed to death.

When not portraying Tye Banga in the crime-drama web series “848,” Fleming worked at Con Edison. After the 40-year-old failed to show up to work that day, his co-workers decided to call his family. This resulted in his fiancée, Tamika, checking out his Bronx apartment and finding him stabbed to death, according to New York Daily News.

When she tried to enter his place, she found him lifeless on the floor, surrounded by blood. “He was an amazing man,” Tamika, who didn’t reveal her last name, told the outlet. “He was a hardworking man who didn’t have problems with anybody. This is a tragedy.”

Friends and family members visited his apartment building Wednesday night to mourn Fleming. Meanwhile, police are searching for a man who left the property shortly after the crime took place.

“He was stabbed three times in his back and one hit his artery,” his sister Tiffany Tucker, 32, told the Daily News. “He bled out. We have no idea who might have wanted to do this. No idea.”

She continued: “He leaves two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter, 16 and 10 years old. He was hardworking and a good man. He loved his kids and his family.”

His YouTube series premiered three years ago and has garnered almost 200,000 views. Each episode since has received around 100,000 views. It’s filmed in the Bronx and Season 3 was set to debut its first episode on Wednesday, but it was never uploaded to the streaming platform.

Some of his cast members have shared Instagram posts to mourn the loss of their co-star and friend, including Antoine “Inch” Thomas, who writes the show and stars as Benny Bricks. He wrote, “Please everyone, please, please, please. 848 will not air tonight. Idk when. Please, everyone, we need some privacy please.”

In another post, he revealed that he couldn’t give the reason for the postponement at the time because he “had to wait til his family posted… #RestInPeaceTyeBanga.” Thomas has not yet given fans a new premiere date for Season 3.