YouTuber Logan Paul’s Twitter Accounts Hacked
The Twitter account of YouTuber Logan Paul was hacked late Tuesday night. Pictured, Paul attends “The Thinning” Meet & Greet during the 2016 New York Comic Con, Oct. 8, 2016. Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt

The Twitter account of YouTuber and actor Logan Paul was hacked late Tuesday night possibly by the same group that made similar attempts with the social media profiles of Riverdale stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart last month.

“F--- KSI, Shoutout to Gurv and Joe FoeNemski” one tweet read, referring to his widely covered fight with YouTuber KSI (Olajide Olatunji), while another went: “Follow @plugwalkjoe (the realist n---- on the planet) and il drop Logan Paul’s sex tape.”

The internet noticed and soon a string of reactions followed. Some users asked everyone to report the account.

One user even went on to say they were talking to the hacker.

The tweets were removed from the account, but the current status of the profile remains unclear. At the moment, his last tweet shows at 5.26 p.m. EDT, whereas reports and mentions of his account being hacked surfaced three to four hours later.

Some of the tweets were referring to a fight in late August, where the two internet stars, KSI and Paul, punched each other in the face online and literally. They faced off in a one-on-one fight at the United Kingdom’s Manchester Arena in front of millions of people after a week’s worth of diss tracks and drama. The arena was filled and the YouTube’s pay-per-view stream had over 800,000 views with people all over the world paying $10 to watch the fight live online.

The video of the fight was later made available free on YouTube, according to reports.

Following the success of the first match, the two YouTube stars also hinted at a possible rematch that might take place in the United States.

Paul’s rise to fame came via the now non-functional app Vine. When Vine shut down its operations, the YouTuber had over 9.4 million followers.

He later took to YouTube and other social media platforms where he quickly garnered fame and attention. Paul earned huge amounts as advertising revenue for his sponsored posts, and remained relatively scandal free until 2017 when old tweets where he perpetuated racist stereotypes of African-American and Asian men were unearthed.

In December, he was caught up in yet another scandal after posting a video of him and his friends discovering a body in Japan’s “suicide forest.” He apologized for the incident and said his only interest in posting the video was to raise awareness. A few weeks later, he posted a video of himself tasering two dead rats. YouTube reportedly suspended ads on his account after the incident.

This was not the first time a celebrity’s Twitter account was hacked recently. In August, the Twitter accounts of actors Sprouse and Reinhart were hacked. The hacker took control of Reinhart’s twitter and Snapchat account and went on to share a nude photo of a woman claiming it was the Riverdale star, reports said.

The picture and tweet were removed soon after and it was found the photograph was that of an adult film star.

“Shouldn’t have talked s— about us, here’s to Lili fans found this masterpiece in iCloud,” the hacker tweeted from her account while sharing the image.

This was in reference to a tweet the 21-year-old Reinhart posted a few days prior when Sprouse’s account was hacked by the same group.

“Cole’s Twitter has been hacked BTW. F— people who do that, seriously,” she had said in the tweet then.

Sprouse’s hacker did not share any revealing photos of the star, but did allege the 26-year-old star participated in sexual acts while he was working under Disney as a minor.