Zacari Nicasio, 'The Talk' People's Choice Awards
Zacari Nicasio, photographed while speaking during the 2016 People's Choice Awards on Jan. 6, 2016, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, opens up about his decision to interrupt the show, his links to Kevin Gates and more. Getty Images

Zac Zeta's claim to fame is interruption — the up-and-coming Los Angeles-based rapper has crashed high-profile events like Kris Jenner's 60th birthday and, most recently, the 2016 People's Choice Awards. International Business Times caught up with the musician, who's real name is Zacari Nicasio, to discuss the infamous award show moment and more.

Nicasio says crashing Wednesday's People's Choice Awards was never a part of his plan. He was gifted with a ticket from a friend and, although he didn't initially expect to go, he sat quietly in the audience watching celebrity after celebrity accept awards. Toward the end of the show Nicasio says he "snapped" and began making his way toward the stage, where he grabbed the mic from "The Talk" co-host Sara Gilbert, delivering his message to the world. He gave shout-outs to rapper Kevin Gates, who it turns out is a fan of his music, and Kanye West before being booted from the stage by the ladies of "The Talk." Nicasio says he had far more to say during his mini-speech, but is pleased with what he was able to get out.

"I chose to shout Kevin Gates and Kanye West because that combination of inspiration is what saved me from the streets," he said. "People will never understand, and I do not expect them to understand anytime soon."

So what pushed Nicasio to jump on stage during the live show? Inspiring others. He told IBT he was hopeful that the shocking stunt would help others realize their potential and embrace their individuality. Nicasio said there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world with "great personalities, inventions, art and more" who are fearful of being rejected by the masses and media. To them he says, "Don't be afraid. You are not alone."

Gates is far more than an inspiration to Nicasio — he's a fan of sorts. The Louisiana-based artist has heard Nicasio's music and is rockin' with it. So much so that the "Two Phones" rapper once shared a video on his Instagram of him singing along to a track titled "ZetaGangCastle." West, on the other hand, remains a far-off dream of Nicasio's. He nearly met him in November at Jenner's birthday bash, during which he famously gave a short speech, but says "it wasn't the right time." Still, he remains a dedicated fan. When asked his opinion on the "Yeezus" rapper's latest songs, "Real Friends" and "No More Parties in LA," Nicasio said they were "really dope." He added that it was the "twist" to the songs that he enjoyed most.

Nicasio's love for West dates back years. While most fans have a favorite era of the Chicago rapper's music — be it "808s & Heartbreaks," "The College Dropout" or "Yeezus" — this rising musician says favorites don't apply when it comes to West's artistry.

As for his own music, Nicasio's sound, he said, is "based off the mind and events, mixed with emotions and flashbacks." He hopes he can provide listeners with "feeling and motivation," helping them through hardships and pushing them through adversity. Nicasio is working on new music, which can be heard on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud.