Fans of Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, particularly the “Ziall” shippers from their One Direction days, were thrilled on Wednesday after learning the 28-year-old praised the “Nice To Meet Ya” singer.

During an interview on SiriusXM, the host reflected on the solo careers of the band members. The discussion prompted Zayn to admit he was a fan of Horan’s new music, Capital FM reports.

“I’ll tell you what. Niall is my favorite. How about that? There you go. Niall makes the best music, there you go,” he said.

Zayn released his third solo album, “Nobody is Listening,” in January. Meanwhile, Niall, 27, released his second solo album, “Heartbreak Weather,” in March 2020.

The “Vibez” singer went on to tell the host that Horan’s music was better than his own. “Yeah, I will say that he makes better music than me. Yeah, I’m a Niall fan.”

The positive comments resulted in “Ziall” trending on Twitter, with fans expressing their joy about the former bandmates remaining friendly over the years.

“It’s a great day waking up to see Zayn talking about Niall Weary. Made my whole week AND with Liam [Payne] posting about Harry [Styles]” the Ziall shipper wrote.

Another person added, “Zayn said Niall is his favorite and that he’s a Niall fan, and my Ziall heart can’t handle this I’m gonna cry.”

Meanwhile, one person wanted to remind fans to support the music of both artists.

“Yes we are all loving the Ziall now let’s get to streaming ‘Nobody Is Listening’ and ‘Heartbreak Weather’ two amazing albums,” the individual wrote.

When Zayn left the band in 2015, there appeared to be some underlying tension between himself and the remaining members of the group. However, over the years, the men have complimented one another as they focused on their solo careers.

Most recently, on Monday, One Direction alum Liam Payne congratulated Harry Styles after the singer picked up the Grammy for best pop solo performance for his song “Watermelon Sugar.”

One Direction
One Direction’s pictured together on Dec. 11, 2014 in London. Getty Images