Zombie Apocalypse
An apparently drunken bus driver in China was caught on camera attacking a woman and gnawing off her face, in the latest installment of harrowing “cannibal attacks” that have globally been dubbed as a “Zombie Apocalypse” Sina Weibo

An apparently drunken bus driver in China was caught on camera attacking a woman and gnawing off her face in the latest installment of harrowing cannibal attacks that have globally been dubbed as the Zombie Apocalypse

The driver, identified only as Dong, had been drinking heavily before he took on the duty of driving a local bus in Wenzhou, China, according to local news reports.

The victim, identified as Du, was driving near a bus station when Dong allegedly stopped the bus, ran out and jumped onto the hood of her car, the Malaysia Chronicle reports. Du then got out of the car, at which point Dong tackled her to the ground and proceeded to chew of her face.

Witnesses told local news outlets that Dong appeared crazed and it was difficult to subdue him during the attack. Police eventually managed to restrain the attacker and took him into custody, the Daily Mail reported. Du collapsed on the pavement covered in blood, before she was taken to the hospital, where she will undergo plastic surgery to reconstruct her nose and lips.

Police said that Dong had drank about 1.75ml of strong liquor prior to the incident, What's on Dalian reported.

The attack occurred two months after the horrific 18-minute cannibal attack in Miami, where Ronald Poppo, 65, was pounced on while sleeping on elevated train tracks on a causeway. His attacker, Rudy Eugene, 31, had scattered his clothes from the beach to the mainland in Miami, before punching and straddling the homeless man and proceeding to eat his face, police said. Police shot and killed Eugene when he could not be subdued.

Poppo remains hospitalized and has undergone several surgeries to restore and reconstruct as much of his face as possible. His left eye was gouged out by his attacker, but doctors are working to restore the vision in his right eye.

Eugene was suspected to have taken the bath salts street drug prior to the attack, but toxicology reports failed to find them in his system. The Miami-Dade County, Fla., medical examiner said the toxicology reports detected marijuana, which according to an addiction expert could have influenced the face-chewing attack he carried out in Miami last month.

It could have been the strain of marijuana that increases the dopamine in the brain, such as sativa, Patricia Junquera, assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Miami, told CBS News.

She explained that there are two strains of marijuana; one is sativa, which increases dopamine and gives a person energy. If Eugene had a mental disorder, the marijuana could have further increased his dopamine levels, according to Junquera.

People don't really know what the amount of either is in each little packet of marijuana, she said. And we can't differentiate between the two in the blood, much less in a dead person.