More than 200,000 people watch April the pregnant giraffe’s live stream on YouTube at any given time, but some started to get frustrated since Animal Adventure Park, the zoo where she is housed, claimed she was ready to start giving birth to her baby weeks ago. For the first time, someone is calling the upstate New York zoo’s bluff.

Orla, a rare Rothschild giraffe, gave birth at Chester zoo in the United Kingdom Monday. Her zookeeper, whose name wasn’t revealed, told host Holly Willoughby on This Morning that Animal Adventure Park must have gotten April’s due date wrong.

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“If Olra took four months to give birth, why is April taking so long?” Willoughby asked Thursday, according to

“I’m not too sure about that,” the keeper said. “Maybe they’ve got their date wrong.”

Animal Adventure Park started the live stream for April Feb. 10. Since then, they claimed her baby could be born at any moment.

Part of the allure of April giving birth is that giraffes stand when they are in active labor. Animal Adventure Park talked about that a little in their Wednesday evening update.

“She was very ‘with it,’ but then became very distracted and as [the zookeeper] put it, ‘would have walked right through me,’” the zoo wrote. “Though sounding intimidating; this behavior is what we will see - consistently - when in active labor. She will walk through her strong contractions and push push push.” The zoo added: “April's backend has some significant ‘bulging’ occurring.”

Their Thursday morning update was brief, focusing on April’s shape. “Her body/belly is much less beach balled, as the bulges have streamlined. Perhaps suggesting a new position of calf...we hope for launch sequence!” the Facebook post said.

Click here to watch April's live stream, where she could give birth to her baby at any moment.

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