The Office

NBC's "The Office" may be rolling into its ninth and final season on Sept. 20, but they are not going out without a fight. A new poster for the upcoming season shows that the employees of Dunder Mifflin will definitely be battling it out for control.

The new poster released from NBC, show the cast of "The Office" on a chessboard while holding medieval weapons. Dwight is holding a sword (something he probably stores in the ceiling of the office) with Andy in a headlock. Jim holds onto Pam in a corner while Meredith is passed out on the floor next to a goblet. Stanley is doing his usual puzzle as Toby stares off into space and Oscar looks annoyed. Kelly clings to Ryan who is trying very hard to look like office royalty, while Phyllis steps on a shield wielding Gabe, and Daryl pretends to be king with a crown and chalice. It looks like office politics are going to get a little rough (and very hilarious) this season.

With "The Office" winding down, its potential spinoff series, "The Farm" is getting a bit of a boost...of meth. Entertainment Weekly reported reports that "Breaking Bad" star Matt Jones is set to wander onto Dwight Schrute's beet farm. Jones, who previously played meth dealer Badger on the AMC series, will be tackling the role of Zeke, Dwight's cousin.

"The Farm," although not a guaranteed thing, will focus on Dwight (Rainn Wilson) as a beet farmer and bed and breakfast owner. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "The Farm" is being approached "as a potential back-door pilot slated to run as an episode" during the ninth season of "The Office."

The potential series has already added a couple of characters to the oddball Schrute family. According to TVLine, Majandra Delfino of "Roswell" will be playing Fannie Schrute, Dwight's younger sister. Fannie will return to the farm after going through a divorce in Boston. Fannie won't be alone though. Blake Garrett of "New Girl" and "Bridesmaids" will be playing Fannie's son and Dwight's nephew, Cameron.

On Friday it was announced that "The Campaign" star Thomas Middleditch would be joining the farm cast as Dwight's brother Jeb. Jeb is reported to be a pot farmer in California, who although successful now, failed at numerous business ventures...including Bigfoot hunting and worm farming.