The corpse of a 1-month-old baby, with a black mark on her forehead, was found floating in a watery grave in India.

People, who lived near the Ambedkar Bridge in the western state of Gujarat, spotted a small object floating down the river Thursday. Initially, they thought it was a doll. However, the eye-witnesses suspected something strange, and alerted the police. 

The police arrived at the scene and sent out swimmers who fished the object out of the river, which they then realized was the corpse of a well-dressed baby. The baby was wearing a white strappy dress with blue and pink flowers on it, The Times of India reported. 

Since the corpse was bloated, the police believe it had been in the water for a while. The black mark on the baby's forehead has led people to suspect an occult link, since many believe such impressions ward off evil. 

However, the police did not confirm a cause of death or comment on the occult link. Authorities filed a case of “accidental death,” and launched an investigation to find the parents of the baby.

“We are investigating the case and hope to track the culprits soon,” the police told The Times of India.

The authorities believe someone had thrown the baby’s body in the river. However, it was unclear if the baby was alive at the time.

Investigators have started looking at CCTV footage from near the area to see if the perpetrators were caught on camera dumping the baby in the river.

The baby’s body was taken to a local hospital for an autopsy to determine the exact cause and time of death, local media GSTV reported. [Google Translate showed] So far, the police have not found any strangulation or injury marks on the baby.

Last month, a boatman rescued a 22-day-old baby after she was found floating in a wooden box in a river. The boatman was standing on a bank of the river Ganga when he saw the wooden box and heard feeble cries from inside. When he opened the box, he found the baby inside it. The incident took place in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

baby-feet-4746255_1920 Representation. A baby. Photo: Pixabay