A 1-year-old baby was found alive Wednesday in a cave, three days after she was allegedly abducted by her father's friend who wanted to sacrifice her to a ghost.

The child, identified as Pornsiri Wongsilarung, was playing in front of her house in Thailand when she was kidnapped. Her mother was in the kitchen and her father was taking out the trash at the time.

When the parents couldn't find the girl, they filed a police complaint, following which a search was launched, Naija News reported. A team of 200 officers, volunteers and rescue workers scoured the nearby homes and the woods in Chiang Mai to locate the baby girl. The girl was later rescued from a wooden hut in a waterlogged cave.

Preliminary investigation revealed the girl was abducted by her father's friend, identified as Siew, who was taken into custody. During questioning, Siew said he acted upon the directions of a forest spirit, who told him to sacrifice the little girl to a ghost, according to Najja News.

After kidnapping the girl, Siew took her to a cave and left her there.

“The forest spirits were telling me to sacrifice a child to the ghost, so I carried Gina and left her in front of the cave. I did not kill her," Siew said Lindaikejis Blog.

The police said the girl was covered in insect bites and appeared exhausted when they found her; however, she was standing on her own. Medics rushed the girl to a hospital where she underwent some tests.

"We have been questioning the Burmese man throughout the night. The suspect looked confused and might have been using drugs," Police Major General Pichet Chiranantasin reportedly said. "He confessed to abducting the girl and leaving her at the cave. When he told us this we were able to make him tell us the location and we could find the girl. ... We need to question the suspect more about the motive if anybody else was involved and to check if he did anything to the girl. We will also wait for medical reports on her condition."

"I have been praying all day and night for my baby to come home safely. I am so happy she is alive. I would have given my own life to see her come home safely," the girl's mother told local media. "I am so grateful to all the people who have helped to find her. She will be safe again with us. I'll never let her go again."

The accused is in custody on charges of kidnapping a child.

Representation. A man being arrested. Pixabay