A woman was arrested in North Carolina last week for allegedly trading her one-year-old daughter to a couple for a used car.

45-year-old Alice Todd is accused of exchanging her child for a 1990’s Plymouth Laser, owned by married couple Tina Chavis and Vicenio Mendoza in 2018, reported Fox News.

The incident came to light after Wake Forest Bapist Health High Point Medical Center staff called police in July this year. Chavis had gone there to consult a doctor for the toddler who had an allergic reaction. The center immediately contacted child protective services when they smelled something fishy in her behavior.

On interrogation, Chavis first told investigators that the child was hers. However, when she could not provide the documents to prove the child's identity, she changed her story, claiming she’s the adopted mother.

Authorites then learned that Todd, the child’s biological mother, gave away her girl to Chavis and Vicenio in exchange of a vehicle.

All three were arrested by Thomasville Police Officers on felony charges of unlawful sale and purchase of a minor, reported Dailymail. They have been jailed on a bond of $50,000 each and are scheduled to appear before court on Oct. 21.

Police have not provided an update on the child’s condition. WXII-TV reported that the toddler is safe and is in custody of a family member.

In this representational photo, a driver who failed a field sobriety test at a DUI traffic checkpoint stands in handcuffs waiting to be processed in Miami, Florida, June 4, 2007. Joe Raedle/Getty Images