A woman takes a picture of U.S. President Barack Obama with her iPhone upon his arrival at Hickam Air Base near Honolulu, Hawaii, December 23, 2011.
A woman takes a picture of U.S. President Barack Obama with her iPhone upon his arrival at Hickam Air Base near Honolulu, Hawaii, December 23, 2011. Reuters

It's Election Day here in America, and citizens across the country are standing in long lines to vote for the next American president for the next four years, either incumbent President Barack Obama, or former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

This day comes once every four years, and the nation is very tense as election results from the polls continue to pour in throughout the day. If you own a mobile device made by Apple, either an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can follow along with today's news with some great applications, the majority of which are absolutely free to download from the iOS App Store.

Before we find out the big winners from Election Tuesday, be sure to check out these 10 applications for your iPhone and iPad:

1. Obama for America, by The Democratic Party - Free

Description: Our campaign has always been powered by the people who are out there every day knocking on doors, making calls, and talking to their friends and neighbors. With the Obama for America app, all of that is now easier than ever:

- Get the facts: Have a friend who wants to know exactly what kind of impact the President has had in your state? Need to know about new voting laws or deadlines? All the facts you need, localized for you.

- Take action: Sign up to canvass—then get started right away with a list of voters in your neighborhood. Access scripts and enter feedback and responses in real time as you go.

- Find events: Find campaign events near you—from volunteer events to visits from the President and First Lady. RSVP, invite friends, and get there on time with full map integration.

- Share breaking news: Get the most important news of the day, and keep your friends and family in the loop on Facebook, Twitter, and via email and text message.

- Get out the vote: Access voting and registration rules for your state, help register friends, and make sure supporters get to the polls on Election Day.

2. Romney-Ryan, by Romney for President, Inc. - Free

Description: Supporters like you make all the difference this election -- and with the Romney-Ryan Campaign App, now it’s easier than ever to get involved with the campaign. With the Romney-Ryan App, you can learn about the campaign, get the latest news and updates, donate, and share campaign information with friends and family.


- Bio: Get to know Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

- News: Stay up to date with the latest campaign blogs, videos and breaking social stories.

- Action: Learn about volunteer opportunities and find events near you.

- Issues: Want to know how Mitt will turn around America? Learn about Mitt’s plan for a stronger middle class and share the facts with friends and family.

- Donate: Contribute to the campaign directly from your phone.

3. 2012 Map: The Presidential Election Map, by Cory Renzella - $1.99

Description: With this app you can create, save, and share 2012 presidential election scenarios in a simple and easy way.

It includes “Live” maps that are updated daily with the newest polling data; “Historical” maps that detail every election, from 1789 through 2008; and a “New” blank map that you can customize from scratch.

In presidential elections, it’s the electoral vote that matters. That vote is determined by the states each candidate wins, and from 1789 – 2012, from George Washington to – well, we’ll see! – 2012 Map will keep you connected to the presidential election.

That’s why 2012 Map is “The Election App."


- A “Live” map is updated daily to give you the best estimate of what will happen on November 6.

- “Historical” maps show you every presidential election result and include notes for each election.

- Tap states to change their colors (red, blue, or gray, with light red and blue “leaning” colors, and green “3rd Party” color).

- Touch states for one second to see their details (e.g., percentages for each candidate, electoral votes, previous winners).

- Share your scenario with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail! See if your friends agree, disagree, or have their own scenarios!

4. Super PAC App, by Glassy Media - Free

Description: "Which Super PAC finances certain ads?...Well, there’s an app for that." -- Forbes

A free, fun, and simple way to find out more about the presidential election ads coming out of your TV. Identify commercials from all political groups, including Super PACs and the official campaigns.


- Hold up the app to a presidential ad, wherever you’re watching it

- Find out who and how much money is behind the ad

- Rate and see how others have rated the ad: Love/Fair/Fishy/Fail

- See the claims of the ad and whether they’re based on any facts

5. VoterHub, by AT&T Services, Inc. - Free

Description: Since America was founded it has been said that an educated populace is necessary to maintain a functioning democracy. That is why we at AT&T have brought you VoterHub, a non-partisan clearinghouse for information on the 2012 election season, and future elections, in all 50 states.

Using VoterHub, you can, in English or en Espanol.:

- Check voter registration status

- Register to vote

- Register online in jurisdictions where it is permitted

- Find out what the deadlines are for registering

- Have forms mailed to you

- Find out voter ID requirements

- Save a sample ballot of your intended votes

- Find out when early voting begins

- Find out when vote-by-mail/absentee voting begins

- Find out about military and overseas voting

- Find your local polling place

- View your state's election calendar

- Receive alerts as reminders on key dates, results

- Find out who is on the ballot, down to state legislative races

- Find detailed information on each candidate, including polling information and ratings on key issues

- Find out about ballot initiatives

- Discuss issues

- Share content through social media

- Use ""I Voted"" check-in through foursquare

- Read the latest election news from The Associated Press

- View educational and entertaining videos related to elections and issues

- Listen to music by artists promoting the importance of voting and participating in the election process

- View countdown to election

6. 270toWin, by 270toWin - $0.99

Description: Put the power of the 2012 presidential election in your hands with our interactive electoral vote app. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the White House. Make your predictions by starting with one of our many library maps. With one touch you are on your way to deciding which states will go to the Republican party, which ones will go to the Democratic party and which ones are leaning, likely or undecided.

Spend hours pouring through our Election History. Has California ever voted Republican? Have states ever not participated in the presidential election? Exactly who won the election in 1789? Find the answers to these questions and much more in an interactive, fun experience in our history section.

Creating your own map is as easy as selecting a map from the Library section and clicking “Edit Map.” You now have a saved version of the map you chose and can begin making your own predictions. The map is automatically saved whenever you change data and it will be in your “My Maps” section for you to view and change whenever you like. Make as many predictions and maps as you like, you are only limited by the memory on your iPad.

No Wi-Fi, no problem. The 270towin app does not require a Wi-Fi connection to operate. The only time you’ll need Wi-Fi is to view the latest polls (use the link in the Polling Map in The Library) or receive updates. So download the app and get started prognosticating the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election.

7. Presidential Election Race 2012, by Grand Parade Ltd. - $0.99

Description: "The best app for keeping up to date with the latest polls, state by state, is this elegantly designed one, free of bias." -- The Sunday Times

"This app is another example of how technology is making Presidential elections more transparent than ever."
-- RollingStone.com

"The coolest way to follow the world's biggest event"
-- Playboy Magazine

"Grand Parade has taken advantage of their background in betting odds to provide an app that presents poll numbers like no other on the market."
-- Appcelerator

Follow all the drama of the 2012 race for the White House and be the first to forecast the next President of the United States with this penetrating predictive app. See who’s in front – and by how much – according to opinion polls, betting markets and Twitter sentiment.


Follow the electoral vote scoreboard and state-by-state poll results, monitor the swing states, and stay one step ahead with all the latest election news. State-by-state poll results (as they come in), a unique electoral vote scoreboard, alerts for new polls and dramatic movements in betting markets, and the latest election news aggregated from America's most trusted sources. As we count down to the world’s most important election in November, the app also shows you:

- A map of how each state is trending

- The number of electoral votes each state delivers

- The history of how each state has voted since 1940

- Key facts on how states traditionally vote

Plus! Customize alerts and updates so you’re never out of the loop on the election data YOU need.

8. Electoral Vote Polls, by Dubbele.com - Free

Description: Electoral-Vote.com tracks the poll numbers for upcoming Senate and House elections. The site was immensely popular in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010, ranking in the top 1000 Websites in the world and the top 10 blogs in the world, with about 700,000 visitors a day. In some surveys, it was the most popular election site in the country. In 2006, it tracked the Senate and House elections. In 2008, it tracked the presidential and congressional races and was getting over 1 million visitors a day at the end. In 2010 it followed the Senate and House races. Now it is looking at the Presidential, Senate races and House races for 2012.

You can now stay up to date on the latest poll numbers for the Presidential and Senate races on you iPhone!

9. Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender, by Times Publishing Company - Free

Description: Resolve political arguments at the dinner table, check the facts in campaign ads and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter with PolitiFact's new Settle It! app.

Do you ever find yourself at the dinner table beside someone who seems to have the facts wrong? Do you wonder about the truth of campaign ads you see on on TV? Try Settle It! - PolitiFact's Argument Ender, a free app that lets you to look up Truth-O-Meter fact-checks from PolitiFact.com, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website.


- Find fact-checks by searching name, keywords and subject

- Browse Truth-O-Meter ratings by person and subject

- Share your findings by email, Facebook and Twitter

- Take the PolitiFact Challenge and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter

PolitiFact is a venture of the Tampa Bay Times and its partner news organizations. For more information on PolitiFact, go to: www.politifact.com

10. Election 2012 Issues: Obama vs Romney In Their Own Words, by PureView - Free

Description: Ever wanted to prove to a friend or family member what Obama or Romney’s position is on an important issue? Answer quick disputes about candidate’s views with actual videos of them using their own words. This app is a non-partisan comparison of the 2012 Presidential Candidate's platforms. The app details both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's position on the most critical issues of this election.

This app reflects only the opinions of the presidential candidates, and not any third parties or special interest groups. The development of this app was done by three individual voters without funding or support from any political campaign or PAC. Our motive was to provide easy access to non-biased information about political candidates, to allow citizens to become informed through a mobile application, and foster intelligent discussion.

This app features quotes and the video corresponding to the quotes. It easily allows you to share this information in one post using Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Find out something you didn’t know? Share it with your friends and family so they can vote informed as well.

Most of the content and topics for this app are submitted to us by voters like you. We rely on content suggestions to improve this app and always appreciate input. Let your voice be heard. If you would like to submit a suggestion or topic, please visit: http://PureViewApp.com/suggest-content-or-changes/

All content was spoken by the candidates, and those using the app should do their own research and make decisions about voting on their own. All of the quotes can be found on popular media sharing sites, but are available in here, in an easy to access application that makes comparing the candidates extremely easy.

The topics cover everything from Afghanistan to nuclear energy and more topics are being added every day.

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Don't forget to vote!