“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” reunion special had tears, laughs and a lot of cast drama but not everything that went down during the taping actually made it to the final cut. International Business Times was present at the MTV event in New York City Jan. 21. Below are 10 shocking moments viewers didn’t get to see on Wednesday’s episode following the finale.

1. Abram’s Threats

Abram graciously accepted Cara Maria’s apology for cheating on him during Season 27 of the competition show with newcomer Thomas Buell, but he did have a few memorable words for Thomas, who was not present for the taping, after the fact. At one point, Abram said he would be looking for Thomas. The veteran competitor finished his statement by telling him to “sleep well.”

2. Johnny vs. Nessa

Only a small snippet of Johnny Bananas’ back and forth and host Nessa was shown on TV. During the taping, Johnny made it be known he was not fond of talking about his girlfriend on air and said his relationship had nothing to do with the show. Nessa infuriated Johnny further when she asked him if a scene showing him checking out KellyAnne’s body during a yoga session upset his better half. “Next question,” he said.

3. Cara’s Emotional Appearance

From the moment the reunion special kicked off, it was clear something was bothering Cara Maria. She appeared withdrawn and disinterested before it came time for her big apology to Abram. After their discussion, Cara Maria was repeatedly teary-eyed during filming breaks and received consolation from her friends off-camera.

4. Shoe Fight

Nicole and Rianna decided to have some fun during the taping and had a fake shoe fight with their high heels.

5. Cory’s Sweaty Situation

Most of the “Challenge” cast members showed up wearing their best, but Cory’s decision to wear a suit jacket quickly became a sweaty situation. Shortly after filming kicked off, Cory’s pit stains became too noticeable for the cast to miss. Jenna suggested he wear maxi pads under his arms to help remedy the situation. Cory also had a lot of issues with his mic.

6. All-Day Affair

For viewers, the “Challenge” reunion is one, nicely edited hour of drama. For those in the audience, the filming process took four and half hours without multiple breaks in between.

7. Set Art

The set was created to look as if an earthquake had just hit. On the walls, the last four teams had their photos displayed. Being the first-place winners, Cara Maria and Jamie had the largest portraits. Jenna and Brianna's image depicted them as sea creatures — with Jenna being a mermaid and Brianna (unhappily so) being a squid-like character. Rianna and Aneesa also made mention of how small their set image was compared to the others. 

8. Jenna’s Repetition

Jenna was asked about partnering with Brianna but viewers didn’t get to see was how long the topic was discussed. Nessa asked Jenna about what it was like pairing up with her cousin versus her ex-boyfriend, Jay, on “Exes 2” several times, each time giving a slightly different answer.

9. Zach’s Instagram Drama

Jenna opened up about her split from Zach on the reunion, but there was more said on-camera about their surprising breakup. Before talking to IBT about their separation, Jenna dished to audience members that Zach deleted all of their photos together off his Instagram before she knew they were finished. After Jenna revealed she was not OK following their split, some of her cast members labeled Zach, who has since apparently moved on with a girl named Brooke, as an opportunist.

10. Johnny’s Good Deed

Johnny may get a bad rap on the “Challenge” but he proved that he can have a heart of gold during a short break in filming. Johnny filmed a quick clip in front of audience members sending some love and praise to a young cancer survivor and her classmates. It only took the seasoned pro two takes to record the sweet message.