A 102-year-old woman has been accused of killing her 92-year-old neighbor in northern France.

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday at a facility in Chézy-sur-Marne, a retirement home, reports the BBC.

The neighbor, whose body was found by a carer, was allegedly strangled. The autopsy confirmed the cause of death was "strangulation and blows to the head." The 92-year-old was also bruised severely in the face.

BBC reported on Thursday that the 102-year-old is currently in a psychiatric hospital. She previously told one of her handlers she "killed someone", a prosecutor said.

When initially found, AFP news agency reports the 102-year-old was found "confused, in a very agitated state, and told the carer that she had killed someone."

Tests are being done on the 102-year-old to determine her mental state and if she was criminally responsible for her actions when the event occurred.

crime scene
Representational image Getty Images/Jonathan Alcorn