Less than 24 hours to go until “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 lands on Netflix. Fans will get to see what the original characters are up to, as well as get to meet the new characters joining the drama, including head cheerleader Chloe (Anne Winters). There’s no reason to wait until Friday to learn all about the newbie, though.

Winters spoke with International Business Times about her new character, Chloe’s relationship with Bryce (Justin Prentice), what fans can expect from this season’s storyline and which cast member she wished she got to film with more.

International Business Times: What can you tell us about your character, Chloe?

Anne Winters: She’s super relatable to a lot of girls. I think, last season, there was a very black and white, right or wrong, with a lot of the girls…but I think this season it kind of shows, like, “Well, I’m not really sure what she’s supposed to do.”

IBT: Since your character’s a cheerleader, will you have scenes with fellow cheerleaders, like Jess (Alisha Boe) and Sheri (Ajiona Alexus)?

Winters: Well, she has scenes with Jessica, and Sheri not so much.

It’s funny ‘cause on my first day on set, I was literally being like a cheer coach and saying, “Ready, set, five, six, seven, eight,” and yelling at all the girls. It was so funny to just come in on this show and be the head of the cheer team. I was like, “Where did I come from? How did I get to the head of the cheer team so fast?”

anne winters 13rw jessica
Cheerleaders Chloe (Anne Winters) and Jessica (Alisha Boe) have a chat in a “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 scene. Beth Dubber/Netflix

IBT: Was Chloe there for the Season 1 events and we didn’t see her, or is she new to the school completely?

Winters: That was actually something that I asked [director Brian Yorkey] on my first day at set. I think it’s up to viewers to really decide, but it’s kind of just supposedly she’s been there for a while. I don’t think she’s new to the school, I think that she wasn’t really involved. I don’t think she really knew Hannah (Katherine Langford) or had any ties to her. And she probably knew what was going on and saw that this girl committed suicide and that’s really awful, but she didn’t have any personal ties to her, or really anyone. And then, I guess, over the summer or over some time before Season 2, she kind of makes her way into the group.

IBT: How does she fit into the “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 storyline?

Winters: She’s definitely going to be involved in Bryce’s story, and Jessica is kind of like her main two people from the first season. She’s just kind of one of the guys, actually. She’s with Bryce a lot, so she’s always with Zach (Ross Butler) and Monty (Timothy Granaderos) and kind of that crew.

IBT: Will we see how Chloe and Bryce first got involved?

Winters: When the season starts, their relationship is already kind of there, and then you kind of see where it goes. But it doesn’t really go back into how we met...it just kind of starts and then rises really fast.

anne winters 13rw bryce
Justin Prentice and Anne Winters star as Bryce and Chloe in “13 Reasons Why” Season 2. Beth Dubber/Netflix

IBT: Does Chloe know about Bryce’s history of sexual assault and decide to stand by him anyway, or does she not really know about his whole situation?

Winters: I would say that that’s kind of the question for my storyline of the season.

That’s kind of what’s going through her mind, too. She’s struggling with that question pretty much throughout the whole season, of like, “Who do I believe?” I think it’s a tough thing because you don’t really know the truth about someone and if you see one side of them, then it’s really hard to believe rumors.

IBT: Should viewers be concerned about Chloe’s safety when she’s around Bryce?

Winters: I mean, yeah, that should definitely be a worry for everyone. It just adds more suspense to the show, but I can’t really tell you what happens, specifically, if he does hurt me or not. But, I will say that she’s conflicted a lot, but she does hold her own. I think she’s a strong character and can hold her own, but [she] also battles with what’s right and what’s wrong.

IBT: You’re in a lot of scenes with Prentice, but is there an actor from the “13 Reasons Why” cast you wish you got to have more scenes with?

Winters: I mean, I really wish I got to have more scenes with Katherine Langford, obviously. She’s amazing and I have like one scene...it doesn’t look like we had the scene together, that she was there that day, and it was like a scene that we had together and you’ll know what I mean when you see the scene. It’s pretty trippy and a really cool scene. She’s amazing and she’s super sweet.

You’ll be able to see the captivating scene Winters is referring to when “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 debuts on Netflix on Friday.